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Calling Out Google to the FTC… Way to Go Danny

JillO asked 3 years ago
Did you know that Google is in violation of Federal paid disclosure guidelines and the FTC is doing NOTHING about it???

This was recently examined by well-known and renowned SEO Guru, Danny Sullivan. And guess what… he’s actually doing something about it!

Article: SEO Expert Calls for Federal Inquiry of Google Disclosure Practices

Sullivan wrote an explosive letter which he shared on Search Engine Land… Essentially, it outlines that Paid Inclusion & Paid Placement Guidelines are not accurately followed.

So, do you think that Danny can make some headway?

2 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 3 years ago
As I understand it, google is secretly adjust it’s own rankings in exchange for more money.
Sounds like fraud!

When I search for ‘fighting fraud’ google gives me one ad with a link above it called “Why these ads”.
If we ever knew who google was favoring, the only thing we could do is click on ‘Block this advertiser’ – but if its not marked as an ‘ad’, we assume it’s the best choice – not the most profitable for google.

Seems that spoof video with Cutts was true after all!

But, make any headway – No.
More Link bait – For sure!

(seems to be more of a pattern over there at Search Engine Land)

casinodude answered 3 years ago
It does display at the top of search results but its still a sponsor add and if you go to next page it’s not going to be there – a new add will pop up.
Unlike search results if you go to page 2 then go to page 1 again the same top of search results will be there unlike a sponsor which will display a new one.

Though it is paid inclusion in an ad spot its not paid inclusion in the organic results which is the hard section to get.

It’s clearly labeled as a sponsor ad I have to say I really think google isn’t doing anything wrong here to be honest every search engine does it.

But hey bring on real paid inclusion lol i’ll be heading to the bank lol ha ha.
But maybe i’m wrong but I don’t think Googles doing anything different from the other search engines with sponsor ads.