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Poker, CPA vs Rev Share

Sisko asked 2 years ago
Which is better, in the opinion of those here? I’ve always assumed Rev Share would be better in the long run, and so far that is proving to be true, but some more experienced webmasters might disagree.
2 Answers
spiz0r answered 2 years ago
I prefer hybrid deals. You get the CPA plus MGR. I love it. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
Of couse you get a lower MGR and lower CPA. But I think its still worth it if you are not sure about your player traffic and value.

ozim answered 2 years ago
Mgr is better in the longterm only if you promote a quality room – like Poker Stars (ironically, they have only CPA). It also depends how much CPA you get – I only go for CPA if I can get $150 or close to it and don’t bother when offered $70.