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Best Pay Per Click Search Engines

Kevin11 asked 1 year ago
Anyone have any insight or reviews on the lessor PPC search engines?

– Findwhat
– 7 Search
– Ah ha
– Bay 9
– BidClix
– ePilot
– GoClick
– GoPile
– IQ Seek
– Kanoodle
– Metamission
– Page Seeker
– Search 123
– Sprinks

Any others worth trying?


7 Answers
casinowebmaster answered 1 year ago
findwhat wasn’t good for me. i put 25.00 in and its still there!! i have even been in the top 10 and i still wasn’t getting much traffic. i’m not using them NO MORE !!! the rest i don’t know them.

Kevin11 answered 1 year ago
Then I guess you probably wouldnt be happy with the rest as FindWhat has been one of the better performers historically compared with the other PPC’s I listed.

Hoping someone has a good alternative to Overture and Google adwords cause those two are driving me crazy.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I’ve used findwhat extensively. their conversion rate got worse and worse until I quit. They were gobbling up money like there was no tomorrow with little to show for it.

I had no trouble getting traffic with cheap keywords, but it just wasn’t worth a penny either.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Let you in on a little pet theory of mine….

Several of the PPCs mentioned act as a trigger for Gator, WhenU and the larger Scumware operators. They monitor the listings and place their pops on the sites they see assuming that the traffic will be there and they can pick off visitors for free…

I noticed when my listings come down my conversions actually go way UP.

I am doing further tests to determine the extent of the problem and which PPCs are targeted.

Kevin11 answered 1 year ago
Professor – I look forward to the results you come up with. It’s no secret with anyone that PPC conversions have been going down hill and this does sound like a plausible reason.

The big question is of course how to deal with scumware…


bingo27 answered 1 year ago

If you have not found it already, check out for reviews.

One of the most helpful sites if your doing payper click search engines (PPCSE) is: This site will show you who is partnering with what PPCSE and where you need to be rank wise, to show up on the other search engines.

Hope this helps,


universal4 answered 1 year ago
I am extremely interested in which engines are triggers for scumware as well.

Please post any results, or even theories here so we may collectively determine which engines to stay away from.