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Any feedback would be fantastic!

GGEPartners asked 3 years ago
Hey All

We have created a small presentation about what we do and why our business can help affiliates (i.e. you) earn more commission from operators.

Since we post frequently about our events, we wanted to make sure everyone understands how they work and how they can promote the events to their player base.

We would really appreciate your feedback on the presentation, so if you could take a few minutes of your time to review it we would really appreciate it.

Global Gaming Events by Jason Rosenberg on Prezi

If you view the presentation and would like more information or would like to start promoting the events, we would really love to have you on board.

Thank you so much in advance. We really appreciate your time.

Team GGE

2 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 3 years ago
Thanks for the presentation.
After reviewing it I understand what you do.

For anyone that wants to offer special ‘get it while it lasts’ deals to their site surfers, it sounds like the perfect way.

GGEPartners answered 3 years ago
Thanks rmeeuwsen for your feedback. We really appreciate your time and feedback.

You are right that it is great for “get it while it lasts” traffic. Our events are normally open for about a month as well which gives affiliates plenty of chance to convert their regular visitors and loyal communities over to our events as well.