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Any experienced webmasters help an idiot?

pokermonger asked 2 years ago
This question is going to illustrate my ignorance of search engines, but I am confused. I searched on Google for my websites name, pokermonger, and was 7th. The first two spots were CAP threads, the next two were another board and then the two that have me confused. 482_Online_Gambling.htm?to=482&start=40xxxx

They both have pulled a listing from a PPC engine that I am on. How can the last two rank ahead of my site when my sites name is the search term? Obviously I have much to learn about SEO. I ranked third on Yahoo behind two CAP threads.


8 Answers
wufu110 answered 2 years ago
Well if I understand correctly, since CAP has a higher pr than you and your link with your site name is on it (CAP forum,) then you will rank a little lower for your site name keyword. If that makes any sense……..

Randy answered 2 years ago
Part of how Google calculates where a site ranks in the search engine is based on PR, which is a calculation of how important your website is. That’s calculated by looking at which sites link to you, and how important those sites are. To rank higher, you want to have important sites linking to you.

pokermonger answered 2 years ago
wufu110 and Randy, Thanks for the information. It doesn’t bother me too much because most people are never going to search for this keyword, and if they do they will probably still find my site if it’s on the first page of results. I’m just trying to find some understanding of SEO. I have learned a few things. Number one: I hate Google. Number two: I will never completely understand.

Thanks again,

Dominique answered 2 years ago
pokermonger wrote:
I have learned a few things. Number one: I hate Google. Number two: I will never completely understand.

:bigsmile: Yep, I learned that too.

Randy answered 2 years ago

If you’re looking for some good places to learn about SEO, you might check out a couple of the following: – Aaron’s ebook is excellent, but the constantly updated stream of information from his blog is even more worthwhile. – Nick’s created a blog that tries to reduce the noise to signal ratio. – One of the older and better webmaster forums around. Read it until your eyes hurt.

The sites above also link to dozens of other really great informational sites too.

pokermonger answered 2 years ago
Thanks Randy. I have looked at webmaster world a few times. I will check out the others also.

So much information, so little brain space available for it. I just got to try and cram it in :banger:


Randy answered 2 years ago
It’s like everything else, overwhelming at first. But then after you’ve been studying it and thinking you don’t understand it for a while, you’ll start having little “Ah-ha!” moments.

pokermonger answered 2 years ago
The sooner the better on the Ah-ha’s.

We need a little smiley face with a lite bulb going off :laugh: