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ALERT: SEO Practices you MUST STOP!

JillO asked 3 years ago
We’re always sharing nuances in the ever evolving world of SEO to give the community tips on what people should start doing to help the SEO power of your site.

I love this article and wanted to share it because it outlines what people should STOP doing!

SEO Tips to Ditch in 2012

It’s amazing… but a lot of these outdated practices are still in effect today… Please review and make sure you’re not a culprit! Big one I see far too often is overdoing it with Meta Tags…

1 Answers
Rak answered 3 years ago
Theres a delicate art I think to “Keyword Stuffing” ..

I thought I’d have at least a couple of things in the 2012 article… but I ditched those methods a while back.

There’s a few other things I ditched, and a few things I picked up as well.

Has it helped? Yep.. everytime I post up new articles.. I get a bunch of traffic – but at the moment am not able to maintain it and then I quickly drop in the SERPs(the competition)… which is telling me that I need to boost that article with nice links to keep it high in the SERPs.

I divided the content on my site into 2 diff categories, easy and hard to rank for – and I use different methods for those articles to rank.

I think its good, because it gives me variety of things I am doing, so my site doesnt look like its methodologically (try saying that at 430am!) growing, but organically.