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8 Tips To Getting Back on Track with Link Building

JillO asked 1 year ago
Many affiliates have shared their woes of getting back on track with Link Building Post Penguin. Just released… a great article outlining 8 Solid Tips to re-building link networks post Penguin:

Is Link Building Dead? 8 Tips for Getting back On Track

Here’s a Quick Breakdown:

1) Go Natural: Natural Language Content for Links
2) Diversify Your Links
3) Conduct an Audit
4) Understand Follow/No-Follow
5) Get into Guest Blogging
6) Utilize Multimedia Channels (IE Videos & Infographics)
7) Increase Your Reach through Social Media & Social Shares
8) Always Practice White Hat Techniques

What are your thoughts? Any techniques that should also be recognized? Please do share!

5 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 1 year ago
While good content and user engagement goes a long way toward top SE positions, link building is unfortunately stlll very much alive & critical – for now!

Those are all good ‘new practices’ to follow!

I would also add ‘relevancy’ to the list.

Since we are all promoting gambling activities, we should still diversify our links from other sectors like poker, bingo, casino and sports. Those links should also come from and go to relevant content pages (not generic partner or testimonial pages).

joseninogarcia answered 1 year ago

I read all of this and I learned about link building especially when I also checked the Link Building from Scratch.

allfreechips answered 1 year ago
Its all about being natural. A massive increase in one month that is way out of whack will throw flags, just like using the same anchor text in 80% of the links.

slow and consistant.

thebookiesoffers answered 1 year ago
as mentioned above, relevancy is still and will probably stay one of the main factors in link building

whs-web answered 1 year ago
Text embedded backlinks… The way to go. You hit all important key factors. From quality to diversity. Thanks!