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2 good hosting companies if you need one

asked 2 years ago
Hi all,

every once in a while I see someone asking about hosting. Newbies take heed that the difference between frustration and success starts with a good hosting company.

here are two I have used for years. I was forced to take an action because of a hosting company I would not recommend called teknonmedia and I ended buying into a package deal for all my sites.

I could only go with one of these two so I went with the one I had the closest relationship with and that had a competitive price of course. I think both these companies will provide quality hosting at affordable prices.

ps, I am not affiliated or associated in any way with either company, just trying to hook up good people with good people.

3 Answers
itmark answered 2 years ago
Are you serious?

The first site looks like crap and the other one is a reseller of godaddy.

Anyone got a serious help on the hosing issue we are facing in the gambling industry?

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
yes sir I’m quite serious, I’ve worked with both companies for at least 5 years and I have kissed a lot of frogs to find these two princes.

btw: if you base your judgment of a good host on how the site looks … you’ve still a lot to learn about what is important in a hosting company.

wallstreeterww answered 2 years ago
I like inmotionhosting but is the fact that they are located in the usa mean anything for casino affiliates as far as the gambling laws for online?