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    whille I don’t blame a gov to charge such high prices to get people to quit …

    freakin’ ouch!!!!! $10 or more per pack?


    but at least its not our Gov who is happy with taking smoking tax and then uses that money to attack other countries …..

    know that won’t go over well …. but oh well……. I ain’t exactly known for not being quiet anyway am I?


    I hate to agree with you but while our Jonny Howard has his nose up Georgy Bushs ass I dont think things will change.

    Sorry.. I hate politics.


    I hate to agree with you but while our Jonny Howard has his nose up Georgy Bushs ass I dont think things will change.

    well …… the good thing there is …… ask any rep…… (in the states) …. and they’ll tell you it smells like roses…

    on an off-note …. I’d trade that spot any time for myself and Renee …. oops! ….. getting too kinky aren’t I?

    *well I don’t apologize …..being old and all….. . :)


    @Renee 139263 wrote:

    Go out to the main forum index and scroll to the bottom – there is an option to sort by most recent post or the other way. just change it around and press the button and it will be back to normal.

    I just adore Renee, it’s like having a helper on the forum!

    Most Active Affilite Manager
    Month of September
    Renee, Rewards Affiliates

    I will have to give a special award of appreciation to Renee from Rewards Affiliates.
    As soon as she came back from her vacation, I’ve seen a huge difference on the forum. She ran quickly through almost all the threads, leaving nice comments everywhere and brining a nice spirit to the affiliate community. She really makes a huge difference out there, and motivates others to post. :)


    I have to put my brains to use somewhere…

    Not to mention all the talking I was looking forward to doing when I came back from holidays… It’s hard for me not to be able to talk to someone about anything interesting for a month. If my Greek was better it would have been ok. The only interesting thing I can talk about (in full conversation) in Greek is my family and what I like to eat really.. LOL
    Not very interesting at all really.
    Is it home time yet?


    Talk about Greek food please!!! Mmmmm, hunger…


    The food there was great HOWEVER I reckon my Harry makes the best Greek BBQ around. AND in Australia we have LAMB souvlakia…
    In Greece they only have Pork. Very rare to find lamb souvlaki there.

    So, next time you decide to come down under you can stop by for a BBQ :)


    @Martyn 131047 wrote:

    This is getting ridiculous now…

    Martyn you have PM.

Viewing 8 posts - 91 through 98 (of 98 total)