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    The iPHONE is coming out tomorrow.

    I went to the apple site and had a look.

    It looks positively HOT and I am sooo tempted.


    I keep hearing that about the bugs being fixed…. There will likely be a few (although they have been testing this thing forever). Remember, though, just like the iPod – it will allow firmware updates. So it will be very easy to update the phone to fix issues.

    I’m tempted, but too much cash for the phone + service. I hear the service will need to be over $100 / month to really make it more than a phone.


    People have been standing in line at AT&T stores since Monday! It will be next to impossible to get one for the next few months anyway until the frenzy dies down.

    I want one, but I am not going to stand in line for hours only to find they are out of stock by the time I make it in the door (each store only gets 40 iPhones).


    Lol, good marketing strategy learned from the Christmas toy industry – make people salivate.

    I am going to order online when possible. Apple has an online store. I hate blackberries and such because of the typing. iPHONE seems sooo much better.


    I wouldnt mind one, I have used a blackberry for the last year, I might get one when it dies down, I certainly would que that is one of the saddest things to do. Who cares who has one first I can understand 14-17 year olds doing it to impress their friends but not grown men and women.


    Nothing to do with impressing people, no one will see it anyway, lol. But I guess, yeah, there are those who want to be first and show all their friends. Not my style though.

    I never got any of these things because I tried them out and didn’t like them. No blackberry, blackjack or whatever.

    This one looks like it’s better to type on. And I should likely have a device like that, given the amount of travelling I do.


    My husband is driving me crazy today during our drive from Las Vegas about that darn phone!!!!

    We are only 200 miles away from home and If he pulls off the highway one more time to look for that phone I’m going to take off and drive home to Denver without him! LMAO

    It’s a cool phone, but we already paid $599 for the Trio 550 when it came out and now he thinks it’s obsolete. :sarcasm:


    I’m obviously the wrong generation for this.

    But strip away the steve jobs promo – and the excessive i-hype …
    And doesn’t it just make and take phone calls on a very expensive AT&T plan?


    For me – what the best feature is that I can do my email while travelling and the typing is supposed to be easy.

    I hate typing on these tiny buttons, I can’t type for shit, I hunt and peck.

    This thing has a much better keyboard, and it even completes words for you or enlarges the letter you need to hit next once it figures out how that letter combination will proceed.

    Very cool for a lousy typist who needs to communicate via email while travelling.


    Ok Im a dope…. I stood in line for three hours and got a brand new 8Meg iPhone. I havent opened it yet, but just playing with the ones at the Cingular store convinced me it really is a MAJOR leap forward in portable communications and guess what, it only costs me $20 more per month for unlimited web access and messages since I had an exisiting AT&T/Cingular account!



    It’ll be a couple of months before they get down-under – so we want weekly reports on your progress with them Professor / Dominique. Whether you get buyer remorse in week two or three or whether they stand up after your in home user test.

    I’ve found a use for the i-phone already though …

    Look Who wants to win a free i-phone? blog posts as all the casinos scramble to offer them as prizes !!

    Who says hype doesn’t pay ?


    Hehe, Hype casino doesn’t pay! :)

    I went to look at the apple site last night and almost bought one, but it takes 2 to 4 weeks for delivery and I would like to have it for my Vegas trip.

    So I will scout locally and see about getting one. If it’s too much trouble I’ll get it online.


    I’m a huge Apple advocate. I buy pretty much everything of theirs. I currently have 5 Macs (with three MacIntels running XP via Parallels). That said, I’m waiting for version 2.0 of the iPhone.


    1) No GPS. Lots of other phones have this feature – why not the iPhone?

    2) Uses slow, old internet connection (when not on wifi hotspot). Lots of other phones have faster (higher bandwidth) internet connections.

    3) Battery not removable – need to send in to get battery replaced.

    4) I’ve had the Motorola ITunes phone for over a year – and I’ve only used the iTunes once or twice (the first week I had it). If I need iTunes I’ll just use an iPod (so much smaller!). Plus I use the Nike+iPod sensor ( for running, which is absolutely badass ($29) and runs only on the iPod nano. The iPhone is way too large for me to want to strap it on my arm when running or working out, which is pretty much when I use my iPod.

    5) For those who will be using the iTunes on the iPhone, you cannot purchase songs through iTunes on the phone, which is disappointing – plenty of other phones let you purchase songs on them.

    6) No ringtones! Instead you can choose from 25 rings. That sucks. I have fun with ringtones.

    7) That’s a huge glass surface on the iPhone. I’m trying to understand how it’s not going to get seriously scratched up very fast.

    8) AT&T only. Not really a problem for me, but I bet this will open up in future versions.

    9) As someone who has suffered on the bleeding edge of many Apple products (any other early adopters of OSX here?), it’s just plain better to let others be the beta testers and jump in a year later. Historically prices on Apple products drop considerably after a little time. Also, while I know a phone isn’t an investment or anything, consider how little value this phone will have in a year or so when the new version comes out.

    10) I’m sure they’ll soon build in Flash support, broader internet video support (now you can only see a fraction of what’s on YouTube, i.e. just the “hits) and only Quicktime video currently works. iPod games are currently not supported, etc., etc…

    11) Can’t upgrade memory on it.

    Apple has a history of holding back certain functionality strategically, and I think this is no exception. The interface is gorgeous and ingenious. I’m just going to give it a little more time to mature and get the kinks out, and then I’ll snap it up.


    11) Oops forgot – can’t upgrade memory on it.


    I just bought a blackberry on verizon that will work on GSM. It looks like i’m close enough to the US that i’m not roaming!

    i decided to skip the iPhone because 1) hate SBC/ATT, etc. so i wanted to avoid them anyway. 2) figured i’d wait for the next version.

    If you’re like me and want the iPhone, but not ATT, it’s going to be a long wait. ATT has a 5 year exclusive in the US. I’m sure it will appear in Canada, Korea, Japan and Europe by christmas or early next year. but in the us…..

    To me the real reason I like the iPhone, is that it looks great for net browsing and video.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)