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CAP Australia?

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    @websparks 186518 wrote:

    Whats in store for the opening party?

    See u there!


    Keep your eyes peeled for this one!
    Going to be one to remember, especially for those who have never been to Sydney before :)



    I’ve just come back from a week in Sydney and had the most delicious steak dinner at The Trinity Hotel in Surry Hills. $10 cab from city, best steak I’ve had in ages….make the effort if you desire a great steak!

    (I have no doubt this will spark off a whole ‘no, this is where you get the best steak’ thread)

    Looking forward to getting back there next week :hattip:


    What an awesome first day at CAP Down Under, Sydney, Australia. More learning, sharing, collaborating and fun tomorrow. Alex, Lizzie and the crew have done very well.
    Best Regards

    Greg Tingle
    Media Man Australia
    Casino News Media

    @alexpratt 186510 wrote:

    The final (almost) schedule is up now We will announce parties etc on Monday but look out for the opening one as it looks amazing!!

Viewing 3 posts - 211 through 213 (of 213 total)