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Which is typically your best?

Renee asked 1 year ago
Hey guys

I was reading the post Dom started on how August did for you, and wondered, typically what is your best performing month of the year?

11 Answers
SwMag answered 1 year ago
for me october, but our sites are all in sportsbetting and in october all leages started, also international club competitions, but it’s still early enough for a lot of underdogs to win <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Renee answered 1 year ago
Do other sportsbook affs find the same thing? October?

And what about casino/poker/skill gaming?

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
Can’t be answered generically for me.

American sports punters are hot from now until end October with College Football and NFL Football in full swing. Everyone’s team still has a chance. Later on it dies away.

European sports fans seem to be busiest in the period November to early December as the final group games of the Champions League play and domestic action is still going. For the same reason February/March gets a boost.

Poker is at it’s busiest in the buildup to the WSOP during May/June but also gets a rise as winter hits the Northern Hemisphere.

Casino seems almost vendor driven. We see ups and downs at different places all the time – including Casino REwards which is a turnover based take. Winter seems a little better than summer.

Of course as we are on Rev-share all the statistics are a little skewed as typically every partner we work with improves profitability year on year.

If I had to pick a period then I’d go for November/December as best – but that’s simply a reflection of my heavy European sports action bais in visitors.

bonustreak answered 1 year ago
Looks like the good months are ahead for most of us:hattip:

james answered 1 year ago
May the seven lean years be behind us!!

SwMag answered 1 year ago
I think Paul’s description was perfect for this. At the moment it seems that August and early September should be nice, thank you AC Milan, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and other loosing favorites at the beginning of a new season :hattip:

Nandakishore answered 1 year ago
For me and my site which is primarily casino-oriented, it is definitely December.

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Shane@PDCAffiliates answered 1 year ago
Renee;174807 wrote:
Do other sportsbook affs find the same thing? October?

And what about casino/poker/skill gaming?

I recently pulled all the numbers for our site and over the past 4 years there was a clear trend and October to February was definitely the peak for our affiliates.

Looking forward to some great numbers for the coming months!

hazo answered 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing Dean, much appreciated.


WagerX answered 1 year ago
I’ve had some steady growth. My best months have been the last three months!! Woot!.. so as long as I’m seeing month to month increases I can’t really say.