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Something big is happening

EyesCoffee asked 3 years ago
I just realised today that my home page hasn’t been spidered since the 24th of August. What I find weird is when I search for “online casino” in google I notice that only one of the top20 sites have a “fresh cache”. By “fresh” I mean that google says the date the page was spidered after the URL.

eg: – 30k – 4 Sep 2004

Pages that haven’t been spidered or updated in a while will have something like: – 30k

From my experience this is very rare in competitive terms. I’m seeing the same things for “online pharmacy” and “search engine optimization”. I’m sure there’s many more examples of this in competitive areas.

I’m probably wrong, but I think something is happening.

1 Answers
Janet answered 3 years ago
the sites were spidered ( you can see that if you installed ) on your site.

the file size is updated , just the date is missing.