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PR drop ?

asked 3 years ago
Did anyone elses PR drop in the last day or so?
3 Answers
Professor answered 3 years ago
Google is Googling…. Everyones PR is bouncing. Hang in there for rebound in day or two.

Classics answered 3 years ago
Updated pagerank (for pages over a month old) and updated backlinks (for pages over two weeks old) yesterday.

Major changes in pagerank occured due to the Google Directory dropping one point because the link to it was taken off the main google page. This is effecting the PR of every site in the Directory, plus every site that gets links from a site in the Directory etc etc… which means every site on the Internet is effected somewhat. A link from the Google main page might be the single most powerful one on the Internet.

This is one change that won’t “go back” unless Google returns the Directory link to the main page at some point.

Lots of exceptions of course, but this update will generally help link farms that build thousands of pages just for links and more links, while hurting authority niche sites that have relied on fewer but higher quality links.

Kevin11 answered 3 years ago
Google may be Googling, but Yahoo is driving me crazy!

I’ve got sites bouncing in and out like mad. This is the silly season for SE’s right now.