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PHPbb Forum owners…

john1124 asked 3 years ago
If you are like me and have had a hell of a time stopping the XRumor spam bot from registering on your forum. I have finally found a way to stop it in 4 lines of code. If anyone wants the code please reply or send me a pm.
4 Answers
fonzi answered 3 years ago
theres a simple mod that stops them dead in their tracks, I can dig it up if you need it.

john1124 answered 3 years ago
I have tried all they have on phpbb and phpbbhacks; all except the VIP mod. Nnoe worked very well. Then I came up with this short code I created and it has stopped them all. I just thought I would share.

fonzi answered 3 years ago
This mod works great, not one bot registration or post in 4 months since I installed it.

john1124 answered 3 years ago
**** First go to “/forum/language” and find the first language in the folder.
should be lang_albanian or lang_asturian. Make sure you note the language itself in my case its

Open ” /forum/includes/usercp_register.php “


if ( preg_match(‘/^[a-z_]+$/i’, $HTTP_POST_VARS) )
$user_lang = htmlspecialchars($HTTP_POST_VARS);

[After Add]


if ($user_lang == ‘asturian’)
message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, ‘Your account has been created. However, this forum requires account activation. An activation key has been sent to the e-mail address you provided. Please check your e-mail for further information.’);

Make sure that in this line if ($user_lang == ‘your first language’) the language you have in quotes is the language listed
first in the folder. If it’s lang_asturian between the ‘ ‘ should be asturian. If its albanian then put that between the ”.

Thats it! It says it creates the file but wont cause it exits the sub, however it makes the spam bot think it does.

Please keep this trick down. It’s simple to use but effective. If the spam bot writers jump on to it, they will bypass it.