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Google PR update starting…

Tarzan asked 3 years ago
Just noticed this but Google is toying around with PR right now.
6 Answers
john1124 answered 3 years ago
I gave up on Google PR, I can’t figure them out!

Tarzan answered 3 years ago
I have looked at this stuff so long now it seems I have internalized many processes of my analysis. Alexa even means something to me, although many claim its basically useless. Google PR does, too, and many claim the same.

I don’t claim PR gets you somewhere that others can’t go without equal PR, which I don’t believe at all, but I do think it does tells you something about trends.

So, if you can read and pay attention to patterns, when you look at things over and over you can receive the data. I think that its probably because everything is relative to everything else.

For instance if I am dropped to a PR3 this time around, you might think I feel bad because I used to be a PR5 for instance. But lets say I come to gripe about it here, and I notice that the CAP home page has dropped from a PR6 to a PR4…. now all of a sudden I don’t feel so bad.

If I pay attention to whats happening around me, I’m more able to understand my own position in the scheme of it. Other than that, we’re all just speculating.

It’s kind of fun (especially when your rank goes up!)

kwblue answered 3 years ago
I really like that analysis Tarzan <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I pay attention, but not overly so, to PR. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, but that is really about it.

bonustreak answered 3 years ago
The love of Google.. yah right!:sarcasm:

john1124 answered 3 years ago
My PR is 1, although my Alexa is 189k. No I dont use the booster either. I know of sites who Alexa is 2-3 million who have a PR of 4-5. I think Google puts alot of weight on Backlinks something that my forum software lacks. So I almost have 0 backlinks.

ioc answered 3 years ago
google is dancing. I saw my pages hit PR 1 and PR 2. But now, they are without any PR information. My worst site got PR 2 while my best-earning site was PR 1.