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Google Fresh: Genius or Brainless?

JillO asked 1 year ago
As we share time and time again, even though so many people have a Love/Hate Relationship with Google, it behooves affiliate marketers to make Google their friend.

Many know of the latest Google SEO algorithm from last week- it’s called Google Fresh and built on “caffeine infrastructure.” Basically, Google indexes fresher content faster so users will see the most up-to-date results. After a week or so in play, we’re just curious on how this has effected affiliates out there.

Google Fresh: Genius or Brainless?

2 Answers
xecutable answered 1 year ago
To be honest I never noticed Panda, Caffeine, Panda 2, or 2.5 and now Fresh. My site keeps growing, results keep growing as well and most of my traffic comes from Google.

And when I come to think about it, why should I be affected? I update daily, I write quality long posts all the time, and I have had it optimized for speed since the very beginning.

I believe these updates affect mostly people who decided once to take the shortcut way, say short content, or update once a month, stuff like this. In terms of searches, who knows, maybe it has knocked out a competitor or two, but I always stay focused on me.

Rak answered 1 year ago
I think you really have to be an established site to be able to take advantage of Google Fresh… so many new pages are being created everyday, and surely to do with trending data – Googles job would be to get those authority sites and massively linked to sites from authority sites and social networks to the top of the search engines.