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Getting onclick to work on lexplorer?

casinodude asked 3 years ago
Hey I sort have mixed 3 codes in one to get what i want to achieve,

I want to be able to when hover over the link display a link name that i want bottom left, also when click on the link open in new window with affiliate link, and also give it a title when hover mouse over.

which it all does which is great only problem is it doesn’t work in internet explorer, it works in firefox great though

heres the code

return event.returnValue=false;” title=”aladdins gold casino”>”Aladdins Gold Casino

any help appreciated cheers.

its a good code i recon as some codes the original [url]http://www[/url] has to be your site but this code the alladins casino .com at the start could be and still work , plus you get the title,

just it dont’ work in .i e explorer


3 Answers
casinodude answered 3 years ago
it’s currently on my main home page to the right aladdins casino Welcome to works on fire fox, but if you try it .ie , no good.

casinodude answered 3 years ago
Hey it works when you actually upload it to the server , the problem was actually previewing it in dreamweaver . , exploreer blocked it keep forgeting that

cheers lol

casinodude answered 3 years ago
Just thought I’d put an update error of this code, as I basically taken 3 types of codes put them together to do what I want you don’t need the comma before the < braket in image source the " take out as it displays as blue in some browsers
Just to explain it aswell a bit better, don’t forget to call your specific add give it a variable name notice i call this one golden, then golden again. that helps it open way we want.

you can also don’t forget name the first www. anything you want notice how i call it and will still open my affiliate link

kewl code.

should help with conversions cheers <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />