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email marketing tips?

Gerald asked 3 years ago
Here are some main points of great tips for eamil marketing….
1 Always personalize – The headline doesn’t need the reader’s name in it, but it helps. You should always use their first name in the greeting of the email though.
2 Use personal stories – Tell stories (they don’t need to be real) that you can relate to an idea you’re getting across. You will sell more product and get more link clicks this way.
3 Try to use the reader’s name at least once in the email – This one isn’t 100% necessary, but it helps keep it friendly
4 Create a plain text email with no more than 60 characters in a line, then put it into the HTML email area of your email program – you can track opens this way
5 Do an email series once in a while, it keeps readers engaged and wanting to hear what you have to say in the next email
6 Train your list to know that you’re going to be offering them something in every email, even if you only have a link to your product in your signature.
7 Keep track of your history – watch what types of emails/subjects get the best open and CTR rates.
8 Send free things in the morning, and paid things in the evening, more people buy after work than during.”””
4 Answers
Telly answered 3 years ago
I agree with you. There are many different methods of doing marketing, such as forum marketing, blog marketing, social network marketing and email marketing.
Email marketing is one of the most effective channel to win more sales. The tips offered by Gerald is very important.Thabks all lot.
I am a email makreting expert and i think the procgress to do email marketing is full of challenge and joy.

joseninogarcia answered 3 years ago
Thanks for this information, this is what we always did on Forum to market effectively our business!
but one of the hardest part is how can you promote your product without noticing that your promoting your product from her/him. Like casino, casino is very hard to promote because this is gambling.

beserious answered 3 years ago
Only setup the email draft does not work… There are other things too which will help more…

1) Server IPs
2) rdns setup
3) SPF/DKIM setup
4) IP quantity and rotation of the same…

Let me know if anyone needs more help with server thing….

David47 answered 3 years ago
Great to read this post but I’d like to add here that mail Interactive expands on these benefits through our easy-to-use solution, which brings together all the critical elements required to create, deliver, track, and analyze email marketing campaigns.