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dup content not so much a worry?

asked 1 year ago
according to this person whom I gathered from reading is somewhat in the loop at google. some called her the “lady of google” … what its worth.

3 Answers
wallstreeterww answered 1 year ago
I have always heard that duplicate content is a killer as far as your rankings in google. Imagine all 10 sites for a particular keyword having the same content. I just dont see google doing this.

LandofOz answered 1 year ago
How do article directory sites (like that contain 10000s of non-unique articles manage to have such high PRs and rank so well?

JohnH answered 1 year ago
I don’t think the article directories rank all that well. They have high PR probably because they have a lot of links. Maybe google sees their (article directory’s) content as being more relevant and “worth-ranking” than the original source or maybe the ezinearticles that rank well were indexed before the original? Who knows?

I really enjoyed reading that article as it has cleared a lot up on dup content for me.<span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> I think article marketing in the sense of taking already published content from your site and posting it on another site is a pretty silly idea.

However, writing a unique article and having a webmaster publish it exclusively on their website in return for a few links may not be so silly.