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Best ‘building block’ solution?

lincoln_b asked 3 years ago

I’m wanting to build a casino affiliate website.

I am preferably looking at an all-in-one solution, which covers domain name, hosting and an automatic block-building website (I’m no techie, though I may give consideration to teaching myself Dreamweaver).

I’ve heard lots of good things about SiteBuildIt, but I have two reservations over what I’ve seen. Firstly, the upfront price is very hefty. Secondly, the websites built with SBI seem very dull and limited in their aesthetic appeal. While I know a block-building solution will always be limited to some extent, SBI seems more limited than most.

I’ve looked into, and they seem to have a decent-looking solution with their quick n’ easy WebsiteNow! solution. Anyone have experiences with this? Or do you have other recommendations to make?

Thanks for any help!