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Any feedback on how we run our events?

GGEPartners asked 2 years ago
Hey All

We have been running events for a long time now, and with 2 running in December, and more booked for January, I am interested to see if anyone who works with us currently has any feedback on how our events run, and if the communication we provide gives you:

  1. Enough information on the event
  2. Enough lead time to get organised and promote the event
  3. Clear details on how it all works?

Is there anything you would like to see / hear from us about which you don’t currently get from us? For example:

  1. Would you like details on the winning players and / or forums?
  2. Do you think we should provide exposure on our website and mailers for the winning affiliates so they can experience a “VIP” style status for referring players who win the tournaments and hence win themselves a private tournament (where applicable)

Any feedback you could provide us with would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!