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    Since no one will reply – I will list every single day without delay the numbers in my account and show what is going on while no one has the decency to reply here and answer.

    Here are my stats for October to date oct5th – NOTE I HAVE NOW MADE this month a whopping $1.19 – that’s right you heard me ONE DOLLAR AND NINETEEN CENTS!

    Note that over $540 dollars was bet and lost by player!!! NO other bonsues besides $2.

    I am suppose to make 25% of all player losses! instead i make .005%!!

    2010-10-01 16 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 $0.00 0 $10.90 $0.00 $0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 2010-10-01
    2010-10-02 17 2 0 0 $0.00 0 0 $0.00 0 $116.68 $0.00 $0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 2010-10-02
    2010-10-03 18 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 $0.00 0 $326.99 $0.88 $0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 2010-10-03
    2010-10-04 17 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 $2.00 1 $80.02 $7.07 $0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 2010-10-04
    2010-10-05 19 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 $0.00 0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 2010-10-05
    Total 87 2 0 0 $0.00 0 0 $2.00 1 $534.59 $7.95 $0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00 0 0 Total

    Hello Steve,

    As we speak by email last week, our affiliate program is not paying commission to any affiliate on the bet column. Like I say to you we only pay commission on the rake and fees that the players generated in our Poker room.

    From the moment you start to display our banners you agree with our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions (which are clear) then you should not display our banners.

    I m really sorry about this inconvenient but I can t do anything to help you and changed the terms and condition.

    Wish I reply to your query

    Have a good day

    Alex Poker770


    Was that a poker deposit or a casino deposit?


    Yes it s Poker deposit !!!


    I will now confirm Poker Gains has removed data from my account. They have removed the “bet column” from my affiliate account so that now I cannot post proof of them stealing from my player commissions and i also received an email from Alex,

    “I reply today to your post that you write on Casino Affiliate Programs Directory – Online Gambling Affiliate Forums & Reviews Just want to let you know that we removed today the bet column on your Poker account
    Have a good day

    I hope CAP will re evaluate the severity of this programs poor ethics and theft of affiliate monies and immediately revoke their sponsorship status on this board. You cannot allow thieves like this to go unstoppable. All signs of guilt are surely seen here, especially since THEY HAVE NOW REMOVED DATA from my account (BETS COLUMN) This is why i at least got some good screen shots as proof.

    What ALEX is saying is incorrect and wrong. If you read their terms and conditions this is what it says.

    1.7 “Casino Net Revenue” is the amount of rakes and fees minus the bonus generated by your link and based solely on our logs.
    1.8 “Structure of commission based on the division of the income” is the percentage of the Gross Gaming Profit that we owe you and which will be paid to you at the end of each month and only according to the data of our system. The advertising income will be 25% of the “Gross Gaming Profit” generated by the sum which has been bet by the players sent by you for one month of activity (see chapter 4).

    Just look at their wording? – 25% of the Gross Gaming Profit – of the sum of the PLAYERS BET!!! (BET). This player came in under poker link on my affiliate link and proceeded to make multiple deposits. HE then WAGERED ON SIDE GAMES in the Poker client!

    There is nothing in the stats which indicate they will not pay affiliates for side game revenue, or else they would not include these terms above as they are. They would put a clause in their saying – side games on poker are excluded from commissions.
    Instead they put that we will be paid based on GROSS gaming revenue generated.

    Otherwise why would anyone promote them?? Casino Net Revenue means all players bets and wagers – not just selected items!! And you must show in terms what is not being paid which you clearly do not do.

    You cannot just go around removing data after its clear your guilty. And as i said earlier i will continue this day in day out until this is fixed, and you pay me based on my true player generation of income.

    Pay me what you owe me NOW please and stop this bull****!


    Since my STATS have been HIJACKED and data removed from my backend I cannot confirm more shaving and stealing of my player revenue since they removed that information in order to hide the rev generated!! But at least i got some stats posted here for all to see and YOU CAN BE SURE THIS IS PROBABLY ACROSS THE BOARD FOR ALL AFFILIATES!


    Hello Steeve,

    By the sound of your post, I am in this affiliate business for many years and work with the biggest brands, I have never heard of anyone receiving a % of the Sidegames unless you agreed on that with the Pokerroom before you started working with them. If you want to received commission from Casino players your are more than welcome to open an account on our affiliate program and we will be more than happy to offer you a %. Concerning your stats and the bet column that we were showing before is not at all the net gaming of your players and not also the side games like you were saying on your previous post. The bet column and this rule is for all the Poker Rooms who used the Playtech Technology it s just the betting of your players that they generated on our cash table or Freeroll money that there received from us. You must know that Poker770 exist since 8 years in the online gambling industry and we are not here to steal players from our affiliates and we have good relationship with all our partners. When problem appear you don t need to post bad things about us and ruin in a case like this. We should look for a mutual solution which should benefit the both of us.

    Wait for your reply




    You must think of me as an ignorant person. Someone who does not know the industry or how online casinos/pokerrooms work.
    I have made a great deal of revenue from side games from playtech rooms. So your reasoning is a bit weak. Plus the fact you do not state anywhere in your terms that side games are void of earnings. Casino earnings are different. This is revenue from poker players who play the side games that are available from the poker client. I know because I used to make $x,xxx a month from them on other playtech sites. Your terms do not state otherwise. If they do show me? I already posted your terms ALEX. What your talking about in terms of freerolls and all that stuff is fluff mate. Please stay on topic.

    I have a player generating large sums of revenue on your client and your not paying for them – PERIOD. IN order to hide this ongoing you have now turned that feature off so we all cannot see the extent of the theft.

    Listen ALEX I am not concerned about how many years you have worked for this company or that company. You are in a clear breach of your own terms (not you personally) and refuse to pay on player revenue generated. Then to hide it – you removed the data as of yesterday and even admitted it!! I got the emails buddy.

    What i am posting is FACTUAL whether its good bad or ugly is besides the point – ITS THE TRUTH! SO please come clean and tell us all it was a misunderstanding and solve the issue.

    Simply revise the terms with me and someone at CAP – we can do a three way negotitation. We all can settle on a fair assessment of this situation and get it renumerated properly.

    Then either we can start fresh with new terms or part ways. But i am not going to sit here and let your program dictate the rules to me especially when they are predatory and sneaky in nature -and all your doing is playing with symantics.

    Simply put – you implementing a rule after the fact. I don’t buy it…

    In your email you closed off by being very non chelont saying affiliates don’t get paid for Bets. And refused to deal with it appropriately. Not to mention avoidance.

    Balls in your court – how you want to handle mate – but do not for a second think i will be easily swayed in these matters. I have more will and reason to continue my assault.


    Hi Steve,

    Let’s try to solve this issue once and for all.

    Nobody is trying to hide anything from you. We do not pay on rakes and fees as stated before. The only reason why we remove the column “Bets” is so you would not get confused. We even sent you an email to warn you that it was being removed, nobody is trying to hide anything and nobody is trying to rob you. We do not need this kind of behavior and we do not approve it.

    In order to close this issue as soon as possible, do let us know what you expect from us so you will be satisfied. As an exception we are willing to pay the revenue share according to bets and wins. We will then close your account. There is no misunderstanding here; we have tens of thousands of affiliates working with us.

    If you ever decide to promote us again, you will be paid according to rakes + fees – bonuses. It does not matter to us if other rooms ever paid you on bets; those are not our terms. We do remind you that you can also promote the Casino (ACF-WEBMASTER) and get paid on Deposit – Withdrawals. We do not deduct the bonuses (they are free!) and you get a much better pay than if it were by Bets and Wins. So if your players like Casino better then Poker, you should go to the Casino affiliation.

    I hope we reach a satisfactory agreement for both sides. I have also enabled the columns BET and WINS so you can reach your own conclusions. We cannot post your numbers in this forum without your permission.

    Please contact to inform your decision; they will deal with your payment if the amount reaches the minimum requirements for a payment to be made. They are already informed about your case.

    Best Regards,



    A bit confused here now. Previously you said you do not pay on bets. Now you said you do not pay on rake and fees? That would mean you pay on nothing!! I will assume you meant to say you do not pay on bets. It would seem rather absurd not to pay on all three aspects of a players rake being bets, fees, and rake would you agree?

    That said your terms and conditions are not reflective of what you are saying. They do not specify that you do not pay on players BETS. If i knew your affiliate program shaves on affiliates I would have never signed up. I suggest your company develops PROPER terms that stipulate ” We do not pay affiliates on players bets” and ” We only pay you for players Poker Rake and Fees” and ” All other players revenue generated is non commisisonable”

    Do you understand that terms and conditions are crucial – you need to be specific and not make up terms as you go along!!! IN this case you have created an extra terms to warrant non payment of players revenue.

    I do see you turned the Bets back on. I also see you added a NEW column of Wins that was never there before. I also notice the WIN rates for the most part – NOW ALMOST cancel out all the bets!! This is something i never seen before. Again this is not the way to run an affiliate program. It certainly is not transparent and run professionally.

    I will need to go over the account all in detail from the start to finish and figure it all out – and trust (i have no choice – but i am feeling these may be fabricated) that the numbers are real. I have no choice in this case. in so doing this I must also consider potential player value since your going to close my affiliate account and still keep the earnings of these players going forward.

    Considering the account as picked up recently and more activity is prevalent in terms of deposits, rake, fees, bets and all that its hard for me at the present time to put a value on this.

    Now if you say you will pay for Bets – wins on a continual bases we can go back and count everything and do calculations from the start and revise the account so i do get paid for these numbers forward.

    If your program is not prepared to do this – then we have to find a suitable alternative in which what you seem to want to do is close my account down and continue to keep the player obviously. That must be worth something at least for a particular amount of time and i cant figure what that is worth.

    I would suggest allowing me to speak to the Highest Person ( most authority in your company – ie owner) to discuss arrangements on closing this account and paying a fair amount on potential future earnings – plus missed passed earnings on Bets.




    Hi Steve,

    Yes, I’ve made a honest mistake. I meant we do not pay on bet, we do pay on rakes and fees.

    Your suggestion to optimize the terms and conditions are much appreciated and it will be taken into consideration. Nobody is making up terms, those were always the terms.

    We usually do not show those 2 columns because we do not pay according to them, so that would only create confusion, as in your case. We do not fabricate stats Steve, we do not need to do this. We are a serious affiliation program. The stats are by Playtech, a highly respectable company. We do find it offensive that you may even be considering this.

    What we are offering is to pay your commission according to either bets and wins or rakes and fees. Your choice. That offer is only for the period from your last payment until October 14th. You can deduct by your stats that your players are not really profitable.
    We will not pay for bets on a continuous basis and we will not change our program’s conditions for one affiliate. I repeat that is not our policy. After this arrangement you can either decide to close your account or you can continue to receive life commission based on rakes + fees. That is our best offer.

    If you do not agree with our conditions you should not display our clients. You are most welcome to contact to close this case.

    Best Regards,



    Sorry Alex,

    You cannot dictate to me one or the other. I will have CAP find a suitable resolution to this matter. Hey have emailed me today and I ask for them to mediate in this matter. Your terms do not state what you are saying. They are void of any rule which you are know stating. I am sorry i can’t abide by terms that do not exist or are fabricated after the fact.

    Your program in all honestly ALEX is Shaving here mate. Lets be factual here. Poker Gains shaves period. Your terms do not specify the terms your stating now….

    With that said I am not in agreement with your proposal. I reject it completely and FORMALLY ASK CAP to mediate this matter.

    I GIVE CAP full access to my account and all my details in this matter and ask them to monitor this affiliate program now and moving forward for the protection on the community.

    I will at all costs continue to warm affiliates of this matter and ESCULATE this matter to monumental proportions!

    CAP has now full authority over my affiliate account with poker gains! I give my permission. I also request and audit of their terms and conditions dating back from when I applied for my affiliate account…

    You are welcome CAP to publicly state all your finds in this thread or on your forum.

    I WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT ALLOW and program to dictate to me what they are prepared to do. NO NO NO!

    You must play fair ball Alex. I am willing to go the distance for as long as it takes. Days/months/Years!! I hope you are too.

    Stop shaving affiliates! It is THEFT


    Hi Steve,

    We will be more than happy to have CAP as a mediator.
    We are waiting for their contact.



    Sure thing. I emailed Brooke as we speak. I have indicated my views and so forth on your predatory affiliate program and in regards to the terms that were non existant on your site which are being fabricated to date.

    As we wait i would again like to politely ask Poker Gains to please stop shaving affiliates. Do the right thing.



    Any update on this ?

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