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Prism Affiliates… May & June payments?

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    Has anyone get paid for May and June commissions?

    At today… still nothing!


    Waiting for April – May and June here:confused:


    Just sent another mail (4th!!!!) to:

    No answer yet for previous mails!


    No payment for me either and they owe me a good chunk of change


    In 21 june I’ve received a mail from Nicolas (…

    “I apologize, but the Prism Payouts will be delayed……..”

    Then… Nothing!

    I’ve sent another 4 mails to, but still nothing!:shooter:


    Notice that this group has almost every thread regarding non payment?? The players don’t get paid either and this is always the case:flush:


    Prism Affiliates is a group related to Gamblingwages that’s serious about online gaming…

    Strange… very strange!:confused:

    Nauti Kitten

    Hello all !

    Any news about prism payments?
    I wait for May + June. Have sent some mails to
    and Nicolas direct… answer.


    No news… 10 mails sent to support of Prism Affiliates team… no answer yet!!!! Patience running low…

    Professor!!! Where are you? Please help us!:Cry:


    To All,

    First off; big apologies on not providing a better service, but my hands are tied behind my back. I had two people that were hired and did not work out and therefore I am alone again, with no assistance to answer emails. We are bringing two new people in within the next two weeks, so emails should be answered promptly very soon. My sincere apologies for any inconveniences this has caused. In any case, I am always on chat, you can always call me or have me call you and I answer, although admittedly not promptly, to emails sent to nicolas at gamblingwages dot com. I try to get the tickets out, but I am overwhelmed with work, I spend over 12 hours a day here and still can’t get everything out.

    To dfiocch, freecc, Pam712, foldout,

    Your payment will be processed; I believe all your payments are in queue and that is all I can do about it. I apologize for the delay. You can confirm that it is in queue and that it will be processed by sending an email to nicolas at gamblingwages dot com. Unfortunately Prism has delayed payouts, but they are coming.

    In any case, Prism Affiliate is a separate group from GamblingWages.

    All outstanding payments for GamblingWages have been PAID and June’s commissions are already being paid and should all be out within the next week.

    I will be more then glad to help with Prism payments, but I would appreciate if this forum is not used for Prism payments. They send payments separately, and the two programs are completely independent. Please do NOT to tie the two programs together, delays in Prism DO NOT represent delays in GamblingWages, and this forums is exactly for that; GamblingWages.

    To hdaddy,
    No matter what is posted on other forums, I am not responsible for that. But anything posted on this forum I am and will get satisfaction to both affiliates and their players, but only to the players of the affiliates. We are an affiliate network and take care of our affiliates and their players. When we mediate a player payment, it is as a service and as a result of our commitment to our affiliates. We cannot however be held responsible for the casinos decisions regarding players that were not sent via affiliates.

    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson
    GamblingWages Affiliate Manager.


    Thank you so much for reply! We attend your ulterior news…


    May and june commissions just received!

    Thank you so much, Nicolas!


    How were these paid by? wire? neteller?

    I have been chasing up payment for a long time.

    I hope mine comes soon for our affiliate account


    as a result of our commitment to our affiliates. We cannot however be held responsible for the casinos decisions regarding players that were not sent via affiliates

    Nic, I think you’re a good guy. I think you are trying harder than probably most aff managers and have less to work with.

    I am still very hesiatant to promote your casinos because even if you come thru ….. what is to say we won’t in the end … get screwed by manager bonuses and coupons ……. ?

    as I wrote you …. I have a partner who is making money with you …. they are sending ……last i heard this month …. 24 new players….

    for me …. that is a hell of a lot. speaks well for my partner but I am used to gaining larger players and lesser new signups.

    I have upon the partner’s imposed wishes …… agreed to promote your casinos …..

    but I still have a big freakin’ problem with bad player treatment and that of my aff peers.

    if you don’t want to read me bitchin’ every single month … then things need to pick up…..

    that simple my friend! and before you are cussing my existence ….. consider … I will be first to step up and tell it like it is …….. should things fall in order and there’s no reason to complain……. that said ….. I’d also like you to note I am understanding in many matters …….

    so its not like I’m out to get GW. quite the opposite. do things the right way ….. treat people right ……….and I think you and those who are ……in my understanding ……… probably questionable up to this point ….. see how far quality takes them in place of BS.

    thanks for taking time to consider and pass along this POV.


    Nice one Nicholas – Still waiting for mine with baited breath :)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)