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One or More Website

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    Hi guys :D
    A simple question it is better have one website or few?
    I see around the forum that many of you have more than just one site, why?
    Isn’t it enough one? what are the advantages?
    Just one it is hard to manage…:grunt:
    Excuse me, but I’m a newbie:rasta:


    multiple is better in the sense that you’ll be easier able to diversify. If you have multiple websites, it’s not as bad, should one lose its ranking in the search engines, because you still have the others. But, if your site doesn’t rely on search engine traffic, then 1 might be better because you can deliver a more quality website.


    Never put all your eggs in one basket, but I do concentrate most on one site. Trying to make each of them exceptional is spreading yourself too thin. Make sure all are indexed and growing a little all the time, and concentrate on one to make perfect.

    The search engines like to see sites grow “naturally”. A little new content here and there, a new link here and there, google et al like it. So that’s what to do with your “back up ” pages while you concentrate on making $ with your favorite.

    That’s just my take and what has worked for me.


    Assuming SEO is one of your marketing strategies…With the way Google sandboxes websites these days, I would think you would be better off building one site, work on getting it out of the sandbox and then continue building that site with new pages and sections as needed. You can always target sub-pages for different keywords. But you do want to be wary of causing any Google bans on your site as you would loose all of your Google traffic to that particular domain.


    Any of you guys own both a large quality content gambling portal and other smaller sites? Which works best?

    Personally, I always believed that big sites like pokerlistings, pokerwire, cardplayer etc would be worth much, much more than smaller review-only sites that are a dime a dozen. But, with no data to compare, I can’t figure out just how much better they are. My guess is that being in the top 10 for poker sites would be worth more than 50 small/mid sized sites but it’s only a wild guess.

    Anyone here has a decent sized site along with smaller ones, and can give me an idea of the difference?



    With all due respect, you’re kinda asking the wrong question, Dante and JackTen.

    If you really want to put together a website that is important to the online gambling industry (like, for example) then that is one thing. If you are looking to maximize your return for the time you invest, then that’s quite another.

    Personally, I try to minimize the amount of time I spend on my gambling based sites..I’m not really interested in casino gambling at all and bingo only holds a very marginal interest for me. Thus, I don’t want to spend a lot of time creating content, updating promotions or any of that stuff. I do have a stronger interest in sports (well, soccer) betting and thus am prepared to expend more effort in that direction but I only have 4 gambling based sites.

    All I try to do is ensure that they bring in significantly more than I either spend on marketing or on updating/creating content etc. At the end of the day, it’s all about the revenue.


    Cardplayer is, admittedly, a special case as they go beyond the scope of affiliation. But their forums have over 40k members. That is huge compared to other sites like 2+2, whose forums have ~4k. With 40k registered members, you can imagine the amount of unique visitors. Doesn’t take a high convertion ratio to come up with huge affiliate revenues.

    Work on one very large site, or on 10 mid-sized ones?

    That’s the source of my question.


    It partially depends on how you get your traffic.

    If you plan on getting just free search engine traffic, it takes some doing to end up with a site like Casinomeister. Nothing is going to budge that site, and he doesn’t have to look at any SERPS. He could care less about PR or links. He just links to a few sites he thinks are good for players.

    That is because the site is mature, and it has lots and lots of good content. He does very little SEO and doesn’t need to. The site stands on it’s own merit.

    To have a site like that takes time and work, but once you achieve that status and you are in a routine of how you maintain that status you pretty much have it made.

    It is impossible to make many sites like that at once, there are not enough hours in the day.

    If you are in it for the long haul and you want to make decent money, that is one way to go.

    But – what if something should happen to that site? So you need backup. Create some smaller sites, let them sit out their time in the sandbox, add a little bit to them once a month or so, just kind of take it easy so that you end up with a number of small, mature sites that are looked upon favorably by the engines and are in a group of slow growing, reliable sites. You will eventually make some money off them, but most importantly they will be there for you to use and expand quickly should something happen to your big site.

    Or you could decide to sell your big site and build up one of the runner’s up, then sell it etc. There is good money in that, too.

    If you have decent amounts of money you can invest in buying traffic, you can go with the business model that has a lot of smaller sites and purchases traffic for them. Instead of working on SEO and content you will be working on finding good traffic sources and buying quality traffic.

    All these things mentioned in this thread work for people. They are just different business models. There are people with 100 small sites making great money, and there are people with one large site making great money, and everything in between.

    So where do you think your strength is? SEO? Creating content? Scouting out traffic sources? Or is it creating and buying good domains and just parking them with PPC places for revenue?

    Is there a topic you feel excited about and would like to create one great site for? Are you really just interested in the money?

    You need to find the spot that is right for you. There is no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of what sort of work you want to do.

    Dominique wrote:
    It partially depends on how you get your traffic.

    If you plan on getting just free search engine traffic, it takes some doing to end up with a site like Casinomeister. Nothing is going to budge that site, and he doesn’t have to look at any SERPS. He could care less about PR or links. He just links to a few sites he thinks are good for players..

    great post Dominique!:thumbsup: :Nod: :terms:


    Awesome post Dom


    I think this has a pretty simply answer… you can only effectively target one or 2 keywords per website, therefore multiple websites can target multiple keywords. I have well over 200 websites.


    pay for the domain names 200x$5=$1,000 a year witch is’nt too bad im sure you’ll make alot more then that a year. buy/write content and have the sites made before you buy the names… so you can get started right away…

    200 sites 10 vist each a day (witch is’nt nothing to get) = 2,000X30=60,000 and if thats comming from good traffic you got it made bro!


    1 site trying to get 60,000 a month

    i would go with the 200 sites getting 10 vist instead of struggling with 1 site trying to get 60,000….. staying at the top of hard keywords that are almost impossible to get to the top of and take years to get results.

    get my point?

    :baby: :hattip: :lookaroun


    I think you understand me perfectly. It doesn’t matter how well you rank in search engines there is only a limited amount of traffic that one website can pull in. If you have multiple websites than you have multiple entry points for visitors to find you.

    Also, each website can target a different niche. You would be surprised at how little people actually click on a listing for online casinos, or casinos. You’ll get a lot more traffic from targetting smaller keywords.


    Antoine, I have no idea under how many keywords GamesandCasino is listed, but last month it received visitors from 3405 different keyphrases and 1703 different keywords. I bet Casinomeister has many times that many.

    It is still a matter of how you want to do business.

    The landscape changes all the time, and some of us adjust one way or another and some fall by the wayside.

    Antoine has been a big presence in the market for a very long time, we were both around back when CAP first started. Obviously his business model works. And it is flexible enough to roll with the punches. Antoine knows his stuff.

    I think Antoine’s model is a much faster way to being profitable than mine. It took me a long time to establish GamesandCasino properly, and it is an ongoing project. To me, it is a passion, I love what I have done with it. I don’t think that it would have grown like this if it wasn’t something I could get excited about. And I always have new plans for it.

    I do have a number of smaller sites that are more targeted to specific keywords, too. And at one point they made me more money than GamesandCasino. But no more.

    I don’t enjoy running the smaller sites, they are just work to me. And they have been very neglected of late. But they are there for me to fall back on.

    GamesandCasino is work too and I put in way too many hours, but it somehow fills a different need in me too. Hard to put my finger on it.


    Right on Dom!:rasta:

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