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just a thanks to all my friends here

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    Hi folks,

    guess I’m a bit emotional today. but i am just so touched by the constant kindness shown by those who are literally competitors.

    I have not found this in almost any other aspects of my life. (and I’m old).

    You’re the best. Probably the biggest reason I didn’t leave the industry when it might have been wise. I couldn’t let go the people I’ve encountered.

    yes there are those who are less than honorable. But the majority are so outstanding that I couldn’t stand the thought of not still being a part of the community.

    Dom …… you’re guilty too lol. I have grown to know you well enough to know the biggest reason you didn’t walk away .. was because you recognized what I do.

    these are outstanding people. Same is true for the community at GPWA. I recall someone was facing losing their house. the people came together and made the difference. There are churches that don’t go that far.

    I just wanted to point this out. That how lucky I feel to be a part of such a community.

    I can go on and on about instances where people in this community have pulled together …. given advice….. I know Greek39 isn’t here anymore .. but I always felt he was a great example. He spent his time helping competitors when he should have spent it trying to help himself.

    he’s just an example. Its true of sooooooo many. The Prof has stepped up many times at the risk of loss on his own behalf …. to speak up for others. Dom goes without saying. And so many others…….

    I feel honored to be a part. and wish to thank you all.

    I could go on and on. but I’ve taken enough of your time.

    I leave you with this thought. anybody who questions their choice of industry ….. need to remember …. you don’t talk people into gambling. You simply try to lead them to where their best chances of being treated right may exist.

    That is nothing to be ashamed of. people will gamble regardless. You at least give them their best chance at being treated fairly.


    We are a great community, that’s the single best thing about this industry, the community. It’s kept me from throwing in the towel several times.



    Not much to add (though that’s unlikely to stop me), you’ve said so much about the dynamic world our community is.

    All my success came from what i learned/shared with my friend/competitors here and at GPWA. As times have become less rewarding, my confidence that i can survive and succeed has become the most important part of my emotional “base”. This came from what i learned about the industry and what i’ve learned about living life as an entrepreneur and that came from my friends here. You can start with the most prominent folks here, the Professor and Dominique (who’ve run their own show for years), right thru to guys like you Steve, who come from a different world than i do and bring that experience to the table to share.

    This used to be a great job. The job isn’t as good anymore, but the people are as good or better than they were in better times. We have fun, learn, debate, co-miserate and help each other. All through a bulletin board that has become way more than that.

    guess i’m emotional too. Unlike you women, us men like show a bit of emotion! ;) LOL I think my “mid-life” crisis has officially entered it’s 6th year.

    I start business school this week. If i learn half as much there as i have in this industry, it will be my 2nd most important factor (this industry being the most important) in my future success.


    Hey Steve,
    Like you, I found great love and friendship from many of the people working in this industry. My family and I will never ever forget the love. Good luck to all here now and in the future.



    Hey bb1webs,

    I am sure you don’t know me,
    I don’t post here much,
    but I read here everyday.

    I have read many of your posts,
    and many have been helpful!

    I remember one you made about
    video taping your kids, and it was
    a great insperation to me. I just
    recently bought my sister a video
    camera and I am always telling her
    to use it to tape my neice!

    I love to see your posts demanding
    affiliate programs be on the up and up.

    You are a great person!

    Keep your chin up!


    means a lot friend.

    that’s the truth.

    thank you.


    If is wasn’t for the community, I’d have already given up. Who can work for months with no apparent progress without being in a community that supports you? I couldn’t have done it. I’m hoping to get more out of this than just the financial aspect. I’m out to make friends as well. The online community is also a big part of my social life (as I’m sure many others).

    bb1webs, I read tons of your posts before, and you were one of the first “personable” characters I’ve met. :hattip:


    Yea, this business has absolutely changed my life and part of why I was able to hit the ground running in this business was this forum and the great people in it. Thanks for that, its changed my life and those of you responsible should feel good about that.



    You’re not thinking of shooting yourself are u mate ?

    I’m starting to get a bit worried about u

    As for this place, it’s pretty cool, some people can’t tolerate my kind, I have good talents and bad talents, it just depends on your own character and which ones u choose to focus on, the positive or the negative

    Generally, well rounded successful people will focus on the good, and this place has a few of those and has been a welcome edition to my life for that, and has made me a more successful person in return



    You have been a great help to me I was introduced to this industry in January by a friend of mine over at Jackpotjoy and was then directed to CAP London which set things rolling for me. Its been hard keeping up the determination with all the difficulties we all come to through this industry rubbish affiliate programs lousy search engine optimisers etc. BB1 you have been a great help and have offered help since day 1 much appreciated! I look forward to carrying on working with you.

    This job can be very solitary and the people here have helped alot. I run this business from my gym my other business I have been running for the last 2 years. I opened this gym 2 years ago and has been a struggle to. When struggling with 2 businesses on my own forums help keep things a bit sociable. Thanks for the help so far guys.

    thanks for your help
    thanks bb1



    I was away for a while, because I didn’t liked the way the industry was. I moved to other markets, and they worked ok.

    But to be honest there are few communities like this. Yes we also get a few shady people here, but not many until now.
    This was why I spent some hours trying to help me fellow colleagues here. Because there is a sense of community here, not just a forum (I was a reader much time before I signed up).

    And you bb1webs, are one of the best members here.

    I hope you are ok!


    Awesome post bb1!

    I can tell you this for sure…. you were one of the first members that I ‘noticed’ ,so to speak, at CAP. I noticed how you were always pro-player and always willing to help others with your very short posts :) haha – ok, not so short… but ALWAYS helpful.

    I say ‘hats off’ :hattip: to you who have always been willing to go the extra mile to make CAP what it is today – a place of sharing and caring.



    Yeah group hug! It’s a good forum to hang out at jumping.gif


    I gave a “Thank you” to everyone who posted in this thread, because it’s threads like this that make people going, and it shows how people support each other here.

    I was so many months without coming here, that my account was on hold, but after some emails, here I am again.
    On hold are all my projects I had before the new US law. Maybe next year I’ll restart them.

    Many things changed since the bill passed, but I see things here are still good. I’m happy for that.

    Our work is in no way shady. As bb1 said we help people by directing them to places where they will have a fair play. And I always state that they should play for fun, and that they may win or loose money. Yeah, I may put some second thoughts in some people (and that is good if they are unsure), but I don’t need money from people with problems.


    Awwww Shucks…I feel all warm and gooey inside!!

    I love this place, and everyone in it.

    I never feel stupid asking the more experienced affiliates questions,[ which i know they have probably been asked a million times before] because you all , always answer me in a caring and teaching way. That tells me so much about what kind of people frequent here…..THE BEST> and i am glad to be a part of it.

    Group Hug Again!! lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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