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It bugs me when….

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    Those emails that pose as you are more then likely email worms and basically replicate itself either by using someones address book and then posing as all those people to send it to all those peoples addresses books and uses an smpt server to do it so you dont actually notice it sending or not sending…

    I have also heard of ones that basically have a list of like say 50 names that are common. And it just takes each name on the list and then uses random persons addresses books, uses the domains from each email entry from the address book combines with the list of common names and sends them that way too…. So eventually your going to be looking like you sent it when you actually never did, nor did you get infected….its just the way it is lol


    very funny article on requesting link exchanges


    I think I’ll sent that url with my link-request denials.



    Yep – They pretty much cover everything … Funny he/she is even posting sites names that fail to follow “his/her” guidelines.

    I dont remember what I posted, but last year some time I posted in the link exchange forums my views on requesting a link …

    How NOT to Request V.1

    How NOT to Request V.2

    How NOT to Request V.3


    Haha Rocky you’re a scream a minute mate. Now let’s see how long you last.

    Anyone seen the movie “How to make friends and alienate people?”

    Well see above!

    If you’re going to spam me at least keep the bloody sites on-topic!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)