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Is AP affiliate program any good?

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    I joined AP in 2003, somewhere along the way they kicked me out of their program. I never got any email saying so, or why, I just tried to log in and couldn’t.

    Well, the number of poker rooms that allow US players is small. I assume a few people like the BBJackpot. I would like to promote more ‘US OK poker rooms’.

    So, before I try to resolve the past with AP, is the program worth promoting?

    Thank you for your honest answers! Feel free to PM if you don’t wish to post it.


    AP is my biggest money maker


    I do make some money with AP, customer service has always left something to be desired as far as reaching, or communicating with your affiliate manager, and to tell the truth.. I don’t know who my AF is now.. so perhaps that’s changed, though I am not getting to many answers in the forum.

    I do like playing at AP, so I can personally recommend them, which does help when writing about or converting them. There are some threads here that will also offer incite :)



    You can promote AP and UB under the same account now. The stats update daily and they give a decent ammount of data..I like that I can see usernames. Payments usually come between 10-15th. Overall its a nice program…and like ladyholdem I have no idea who my AM is… The thing I hate about AP from a players standpoint is support is pretty much non-existent. They take days and days to respond…if they even bother responding at all. They do have support chat…but they only really help with deposits and such.


    I have always been able to work out any issues with Absolute.

    Affiliate support has always been very responsive and professional.

    I also occassionally play there and enjoy it as well.



    Hi all,

    whats the status on predatory terms? I know I took down one of the two .. can’t remember now which .. because they required a certain number of players sent in a certain amount of time.

    that is BS. they wouldn’t have the player if I hadn’t sent them. I have a limited number of readers but those that do…. know i stand behind my words and they trust me and make their decisions based on what i write.

    that means they wouldn’t be at any place I sent them otherwise. so minimum requirements for players sent is not fair.

    I’m not up to date since AP and UB became basically the same. any enlightenment would be appreciated as I am looking for some kind of decent poker sponsor. I can no longer in good concscience recommend fullt tilt because it has cost me so much as a player due to disconnects.

    I still have them listed in places but only because I’ve not found time to replace them. that will change soon.

    what makes a good poker sponsor?

    1. they must provide a competent service and that means keeping players connected.

    2. they must have players. There are many what i’m sure are worthy upstarts but they lack enough players to entice ……. especially the bigger stakes inclined players.

    3. Prima a good example. i play sit and goes. I can rarely find a sit and go that is above a $10 buyin. I prefer $50 buyins. that is almost non-existent there.

    4. they’ve got to have sufficient deposit / withdrawal methhods available.


    Hi Everybody,

    I hope you all had a great weekend. I had an okay RAINY costa rica weekend, blah. I have noticed some uncertainties from you all concerning the ChipLeader program in general. I would like to address any problems/issues/inquiries you may have. Please feel free to contact me on MSN: or you can shoot me an email at I would be happy to hear from you. Have a good one.

    Very Best,



    don’t know if chip leader is AP…… but yes I’d like very much the issue of addressing a quota on players.

    I have a select few. but they are good players. Do you think i’d be in any hurry to send these players to a place that sets quotas?

    it all boils down to the fact that no program would have that respective player if the aff didnt’ send them.

    so any quota of any kind is unacceptable.


    I can vouch for Absolute and Ultimate Bet (both under now).

    Absolute has always been one of our top 3 programs, and when Shenaz was our affiliate manager we had amazing service and email response. She’s our affiliate manager at Cake now. ;]

    Marcela is my affiliate manager at both Absolute and Ultimate Bet now, and her response time has been just as good as Shenaz, which is saying something given that I bug her practically every day.

    That being said, we’ve been with them since Gian was my main contact there, in late 2003, and we’ve been one of their top affiliates for quite some time. In the affiliate world, if you drive great traffic and signups to a room, you’ll get great treatment. The rooms we don’t promote much, we tend to get diddly in terms of email service or support. Just have to accept it.. ;[


    Hi Keith,

    I disagree on some points but appreciate your input.

    quotas. Bullshit!

    no excuse.

    they wouldn’t have that player otherwise.

    as for support. IT is essential. you just haven’t crossed that point yet where it is is.

    what makes a casino portal … or poker portal … its importance over choosing from a SE….. is that we can reach those above that snotty (and unkown to the sponsor) customer support agent who won’t address a legit complaint.

    IF we can’t make contact …… have our issues addressed … we’re no more than an extension of a search engine.

    I hope you can see and apprciate my point. It IS valid.


    Hi BB1Webs,

    Thank you for getting back to me on the PM. I just messaged you back, I appreciate the feedback and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Very Best,
    Danielle :hattip:


    Hi Chip.

    i think it would actually be more productive if you just answered my concerns about quotas here …. than in a PM.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling any kind of quota …. necessary amount of players sent .. etc ……… is unfair and unacceptable.

    thank you for addressing this issue.


    Hi Again,

    I figured since this was a matter of your own opinion we could discuss this between the two of us, this is not a problem at all. I would like this to be cleared.

    Most rooms have a clause in their T&C’s that state if an affiliate becomes inactive for a period of tim the affiliate can be closed, in our case… it is only a right we reserve.. it does not state it is the policy. It is nothing more but a clause that can be used, its not actually stating it’s going to be used.

    I hope this addresses your concerns properly.

    Kindest Regards,


    I have a question about the quota…I have some players at AP but have letely switched to the paw network. Since I’m still promoting AP, just not under my aff account can I lose these players due to inactivity?


    Hi Chip.

    here’s the thing… I don’t know about you ……but i been around 7 yrs.

    Perhaps you can guess how many times i’ve heard

    It is nothing more but a clause that can be used, its not actually stating it’s going to be used.

    the status quo answer to that …. is ….. then why have it in there in the first place?

    valid ….. no getting around it. Pretty simple really. The fact is ….. no program would have the players they gained from an aff. …. had that aff not sent those players. Where is the justification for the clause?

    Its not like you stand to lose anything. We merely want paid for the deserved earnings (players) we have sent.

    Quotas really have nothing to do with the matter. And its these kind of (and I mean no offense to you personally) …… “we’re not gonna use the clause” ……. terms …… that keep most veteran ….. meaning those with enough experience to know to avoid such things ….. from promoting a program.

    What if i get sick? What if I for some reason or another fall out of grace with the SEs ….. takes sometimes months to get back to even small amounts of traffic. Does that mean I don’t deserve to be paid for the players I sent … that a program would other wise have never had …… ?

    The arguement doesn’t hold water …. never has … never will.

    what amazes me is programs ….. especially if they have an idea that you might be capable of sending big sized players ….. will drive an aff crazy trying to get them signed up and promoting …. but that said ….. aren’t obviously happy with what they get. Yet these are players that quite likely …. they’d never had recieved otherwise.

    Its an insult to our intelligence. If i have a select few quality players as regular vistors …. reminding these gained over 7 years of accumulating the trust of these people … why would I ever be so stupid as to get them signed up at a place that can take all my deserved earnings away at any time I can’t produce a quota of players?

    I have actually had at times in the past … paid people to sign up at a program to save all my investment …… I learned from that.

    Do you take the chance and see whether the program will take that opportunity to cut you out? Or do you take aggressive action to save all those months….. perhaps years …. of gaining these player trusts …… to see it all taken away because you didn’t send a certain amount of players in month …. 2 months …. 3 months. Doesn’t matter. We sent them…. they wouldn’t be there otherwise…. what kind of justification is there for punishing us just because we had a bad month or two. .. or even three?

    make it 5 years. Doesn’t matter. We sent the players. They’d otherwise not be there. Why is this so hard for programs to see the obvious logic when its so blatant to anybody not in the program’s position?

    So there you have it. And the reason won’t promote anything with a quota .. because the truth is …. if you never plan on using it …. there’s no need for it to be there.

    The trust gained by doing away with such terms …… trust me on this …. will more than make up for whatever ….. unknown to me … since its never planned to be used ….. reason there was for a program having such a term in their T&Cs anyway.

    Nobody with a veteran experience in this industry signs up for such a program having that kind of term ….. not anybody with an eye on the long run….. the big picture.

    I can’t imagine not seeing what you lose in comparison to what you gain ….. which since it will never be used .. being nothing to gain….. for reason for having such in terms ….. it only breeds distrust and frankly… most vet affs here been screwed around, burned .. had every kind of angle to screw us around thrown at us.

    Why can’t programs just be upfront. Make the small effort … and give us no reason to have to question their motives? Trust me … we’ll always be trying to send players. There’s no need to pressure us like that.

    Hope i made my point. hope at some time in the future … to hear your program did away with quotas in an attempt towards showing their dedication to treating their partners in a fair and honorable ….. without intimidation ….. mannner.

    be really thrilled and ready to promote for you.

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