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:: How to be Good ::

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    For me personally I rather go for the long run, with a customer or a strong business partner. I would only put my money in a listed bank etc. A non listed bank gives you your money back until the rainy day comes along.

    I don’t want to phone my bank up one day and find out my accounts are missing.

    Irrelevant and misleading. You are no better protected by promoting the software of a listed company than a non-listed one.

    What’s even funnier is that your software provider has flown the coop, abandoned the building, etc. They are no longer in the business at all except for the skeleton crew left to serve remaining licensees. The portal you all paid royalties for was sold out from under you.

    I have nothing against you personally – but I do take exception to what I construe to be self-serving, misleading comments apparently designed to lure the uninitiated. Please in future try to stick to the narrow and true when sellilng your product.


    Ah, no one ever expects Spear to have all the info he has. :D

    Now, to get back on track:

    Anyway I didn’t start this thread to give comments myself, I started it to find out what you really need or want.

    So, Sunviper, can you give us landing pages for our visitors that do not have links to other casinos without our aff id embedded?


    Sorry spearmaster dont want to step on any toes : )

    Just that we both got the right to say what we think?

    I will automatically add affiliate codes so they end up at landingpages without crosslinks.


    Hi all.
    Thanks again for all the good feedback.
    We got fresh new banners up on all our sites now.

    Sunset Metro Casino Jackpot Palace

    Please let me know what you think.
    And remember I can still make original banners to fit your website, just PM me..


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)