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    Hi All,
    I’m Thomas H, Affiliate Manager for Sun Casinos N.V. since 1999.

    I just want to present myself since this is my first post to this amazing forum. :3eyes:

    We operate and run 3 Bossmedia Casinos: Sunset Casino

    Jackpot Palace Casino

    Metro Casino

    Since the start we have tried to optimize the size of the software to fit the needs of the customer. That should be about 200 KB in downloading so that your customer could be on their way to depositing within a minute.

    We also have a system without Bossmedia’s E-mail keycode system. That would be less hassle for the customer.
    Our Software is also unique in the way that our affiliates can place the software on to their own servers and keep their visitors on their websites (200KB), not redirecting.
    In a way you could say we have taken the Bossmedia Platform into a new level with these small steps.

    Sun Casinos have their own Graphics department – so if you guys need special or unique banners / site fronts / flash or just promotional texts, we can do all this for you!

    We will also list your sites in our directories so that their search engine rank would improve from being our partner.

    I also promise that it will be more than Christmas Cards that we will be sending you guys if your traffic converts. :bigsmile:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    I am pleased to see a Boss program reach out to affiliates – and offer creatives yet!

    So far only one program for Boss casinos has done this.

    I have not been promoting Boss casinos, largely because of a lack of care for affiliates.

    Is it possible to access the programs for all 3 casinos through one program now? I am a member of Jackpot palace I believe, but never saw any other casinos listed there.

    The fact that you are posting here makes me assume that your casinos will not be part of the big Boss shakeout.

    Placing the casino front on our own servers? Interesting. I assume it is just the entry page to the casino? Or?


    Hi Dominique,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately Bossmedia haven’t solved the issue with having one account for a number of casinos. As one of the oldest licensees we were requesting this from BM in early 1999 when we built our own manual referral system. No luck so far.
    (rumours say there will be a whole new system in late 2004)

    The ‘front’ would be the 200KB downloadable Installer, hard coded with your referral code. It can be linked from wherever you like – your sites, CDs and so on. The big plus is that you don’t have to host any big download or even send your visitors away from your site. It’s also possible to have a ‘landing’ page where your customers would have special greetings and so on.

    In the last two years we have been trying to improve the affiliate system for our 3 casinos. Affiliates are one of the most important keys to success for us. Now thanks to the ‘shakedown’ it would give us faster response times and better support.

    I’m happy to help anyone with material or technical expertise when signing up as an affiliate with us.

    What I think makes us special are:
    *Improved downloading – tracking – less waiting – no keycode problems.
    * Regular activities from our 3 casino managers.
    * Automatic comps. for players.
    * Casino Managers also reward good players with manual comps.
    * As BM casinos we were the first to have Casino Managers handling player questions or needs. (You can’t make a highroller stay with a standard form support guy)
    * Buy markers with Pounds Sterling and Euros
    (play will still be in US $)
    * Graphics department working with you. (not pre-made banners offering the same content for every affiliate.)
    * Payments handled by Webdollar and software by BM so a 3rd party is checking your payments every month.

    / Thomas



    there are ways to combine the aff programs for casinos that do not have such a feature – like the Boss group “CYBER CROUPIERS” had. You still had a different account for each place, but they had a common landing page and you could do all functions from there. It was set up so that automatic form fillers were still functioning, which is a big plus.

    It made dealing with these four casinos so much easier. They are now defunct, perhaps you can acquire their setup? I have the email of the owner of the River Boat some place if you need it.

    Also, Cedrik from gaming income has designed such a site.



    I just wanted to add that I have been an affiliate for these 3 casinos for a very long time. They have all made me a lot of money especially Jackpot Palace.

    The main reason I reduced promotion was due to lack of banners. (there’s no 125×125 banners for example) but one thing that I can say is that players are very loyal to these casinos. When I request a cashout, I receive a bank draft less than 2 weeks later.

    I have nothing but positive things to say about this group,



    Hmmm, after your post I was thinking of promoting your site’s a little. But there are not a hole lot of banners ect. I think you would be well to tripling or quadrupling the amount of banners to choose from. Also add a lot more sizes. Most of my site use 125×125 a vary popular size and I didn’t see that you even had one. Also maybe add to reviews. I know that if you do these things I will give you a try and your affiliates will be able to convert more players.



    I think one of Thomas’ points was this:

    * Graphics department working with you. (not pre-made banners offering the same content for every affiliate.)

    I take that to mean you can order the banners – exactly as you like! :D


    I would still like some pre-made banners. I would rather see if they work for me before I start having them make banners for me. Thats one of the reasons I also like premade reviews too. That way if I can’t get them to convert know ones time has been wasted. If they do start to convert then let talk about custom banners and writing really good reviews.



    Always interested in casinos with loyal customers!

    I agree with EMG35 on the banners. Premade banners to start with – just to test the waters, and get things kicked off without much ado. Afterwards, custom banners would be cool.



    Banners ahoy..
    We will start making a new selection of pre-made banners first thing on Monday, starting with the 125×125 ones…

    Please tell me what banner sizes you want to see most of all.

    Thank you Antoine for your positive review.

    Any particular games selling better than others for you?

    We can also make Flash banners.. is that performing better or worse for you?

    We could build something so that we can have combined logins.
    However, with a new back-end coming from BM later this year, this could mean developing for an obsolete version.

    Our main strategy has been and will always be looking after our players and not building advanced automatic functions rather than operating the casino. Running a Casino isn’t a one man operation, it takes time and hard work.



    You could just give us a simple landing page with links to all three programs.

    Checking stats and picking up creatives is a time consuming , mostly aggravating task we all need to do constantly. Every mouseclick I can avoid makes me happy. The easier a program is to deal with, the more likely I will use it.

    Re. banners, a couple for each of the popular sizes are nice. I personally use a lot of 250×250, but most people never use these. I use some of the other sizes also.

    Flash – I like it, but I also see more problems with the banners being down. You can make some really neat things with flash though.

    And while I am talking about banners – and this is not particularly meant as an answer in this post but a more general observation – I would be interested in seeing a different version of the new slide-in or in-vue or ad-burst or whatever you want to call these banners. I would like to see one where the banner slides in – and goes to it’s place and stays there. That would still command the attention, but stop the annoyance.

    Just a thought here.


    From my discussions with several casinos I seem to get a lot of slot players. Other than that I’m not too sure what games produce.

    Other than 125×125 I would recommend 120×60 & 120 x 240. But I think the main thing is more 468×60.



    All Bossmedia casinos share the same login page.
    That means that you could login to Jackpot Palace Casino from Metro Casino and vice versa.
    All accounts could share the same password…
    However they need to have different user-names.

    Thank you Professor for a great forum.
    I will give you a link from our directories.


    This is the link I use to check all Boss Media stats

    On another note, I was doing some housecleaning on the sites and pulling some of the non performers. Sunset came up and before I removed it I checked the stats. Actually had a player last month. As you are coming up with some new banners and appear to be making an effort to keep us affiliates happy, I’ll kepping them going for a while longer. Thanks sunviper.


    Banners – Sunset Casino

    Thank you for all the feedback.

    / Thomas

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)