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Focal Click

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    With all the negatives in this crazy biz lately …
    I thought I’d give my thanks to the boys at Focal Click. Though I don’t show them alot of traffic …..their prompt support and service to a matter I had recently with them was second to none.
    The nice xmas card and gift proves their a class act to follow …. !

    Thank you all and Happy Holidays …..

    Now if I could only get my commissions up (hint hint…):bigsmile:


    It is no news that I concur.

    Focal Click is definitely the program of the year in my book.

    I like everything about the program with exception of the graphics, and they do hear about that a lot from me.

    Good job guys! biggrinsanta.gif


    I agree on all parts except that I can’t seem to make any money with them. and Lord knows I’ve tried.

    my best month never exceeded much more than 5 bills and in less than two months promoting Intercasino in their place I’m already showing a better return than 95% of the months I’ve had with Focal and that stretches back to near the millenium.

    the only people I know that have ever proclaimed FC to be a big money-maker was DVS, and of course; Dom thinks their great.

    I gotta call’em as I see’em and this program is piss-poor when it comes to income.

    But I agree. their customer support is excellent. That’s why I stayed with them so long; that and the fact that I could never get customer support with WIll Hill or IC.

    I wish now I’d have tried a lot harder to get signed with IC; sorry Focal; you guys are great on a personal level but the program itself is definitely lacking at the most important point: it don’t make me any money.

    Perhaps someday I will come in here and eat those words. I hope I do. And that I do it soon. :bigsmile:


    Responsive customer service, Frank is very helpful, but I cant earn any money with them either.

    In fairness though, I have only had them up for a few months and they are confined to my Cryptologic areas so they have not had much exposure.

    The reason I dont promote them more is their creatives are very rudimentary and the new player bonus is not competetive with other casinos I promote. I am hoping in the future they get better banners and a more healthy bonus plan so I can expand their promotion.


    We can’t make anything with them eihter. We’ve promoted the poker room since the day it opened, and not one dime. We get decent click throughs and downloads to a few of the casinos and the poker room especially. Can’t figure it out???


    The main reason I dont promote them is due to the poor quality of thier creatives. If they spent around 1k on updating thier banners, they would easily make this back within days.

    Otherwise they do all right for the amount of traffic i send. I have a link to thier poker room, but I just dont think it has the player base to compete with brand names like party and empire.



    I’ve had mixed results with them but can always rely on payments being made on time. Even if was only $16 last month, it still went into my NETeller account.

    As stated earlier, they are usually fairly responsive so perhaps we should let them know we’d like some more creatives. Unless of course people have tried and failed.

    I’ll send an email off later today and see what happens.


    I am sure Bishop aka Ryan will be here tomorrow and read all this.

    The creatives are something I bring up regularly.

    So far only the poker ones are better – the latest html email for Caribbean Sun Poker is unique and funny, too. It went over well.

    The Sands creatives really stink. The 3 Diamonds have gotten better.

    I think they need new graphics people. Or maybe a contest – anybody here good at making banners?


    I’m doing good with Focal. I have a solid income every month from not too much exposure on my sites. The casinos have monthly bonuses that really keep the players coming back.
    They also know to treat their affiliates well!


    Thank you to everyone for those kind words. We are trying to supply the best service possible for all affiliates. Always know that we are here to help and will help in any way possible.
    In addition, we want to let everyone know that new creatives are extremely high on our list for the new year. I would welcome any suggestions people have on creatives that they think work well for them.
    Also, we are trying to figure out other ways to get our conversion ratio higher. There really is no reason if you are getting good traffic to your sites why we should not convert well for you. Again I would welcome any suggestions anyone has on this subject.
    Thank you again for you kind words. We are here to help, thank you for your buisness, and we look forward to building a stronger working realtionship with all of you.
    Happy New Year!!!!


    hi Ryan,
    Maybe you can drop me an email
    We’ve sent quite a bit of traffic through especially to the poker room and it’s one of the few that aren’t converting for us…
    I know many do very well with FC and we would like to give it another try but need some input.


    I like Focal Click too. (and they sent a suprising Christmas gift)

    I’d say their converstion ratios are average (not great and not bad either) but the good part about them is their player value. Once you get a player, it seems that they continue to play for sometime, so you have a chance to make more (per player) than other casinos.

    I’ve had no problems with payment from them either.


    Ryan emailed me :) we’ll see what we can do here!


    I’ve started making my own banners and I have a close
    friend who is very good at it as well. I often wonder
    who some casinos have hired to do their marketing material.
    For example, Casino Rewards…..I mean those banners are just scary…


    I agree their banners aren’t great, but at least they’ve got a shit load to choose from. There are many programs out there that have the same old – on and on.

    the adult side of the net shows an increase in conversions with new banners of …… I think it was one of these three 6%, 10% or 16%. That’s when replaced every 2 weeks.

    can’t remember which. but even at 6%: it is considerably worth the cost of having new ones made.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)