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dumping all link pages so …

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    Hi all,

    if you’re linked to lme … its not showing up in google according to my new SEO partner….. this includes according to my SEO partner ….. most links to CAP (Very disappointed).

    I am dumping all my link pages and starting new.

    if you were a link partner and don’t deserve this …… please contact me.

    If you’d like to be a new partner …. also contact me. Lou .. do you know why my PR is down for

    anyways i seen CAP bb pr is down

    why would that be? I post here very often and had many, many links show up form gpwa. why wouldn’t they from CAP?


    hey bb1

    just a few pointers….

    ive checked out your bondedcasinos site and i see just as much backlings from cap as gpwa, now make sure your seo really knows what hes talking about as these are a few things i noticed from a quick check.

    your links from GPWA are going to xhttp://www.bondedcasinos…. but your sig links from cap are going to xhttp://bondedcasinos….. so your seo guy may have only looked at the www version of your site…

    You have around 2500 (google shows about 8 – see note below) links to the non www version of your site and only around 250 to the www version.

    so you have a “canonical” issue – you need to redirect your www version to your non www version (as you have much more links to your non www version – it would be better to pick that version)

    a “canonical” issue is where you can get pagerank blead and poss dupe content as google will see 2 x homepages and issue different pagerank to both (ive seen this hundreds of times)

    google note*
    also as another note, you mentioned looking at the links google shows, you shouldnt do this as google only shows a very very small portion of your links

    Hope this helps


    thanks D:

    I have only to go on what my SEO friend tells me ….. and have posted as such…

    I find it strange however that you find as many CAP posts/pages as gpwa since i looked myself at what was offered and didn’t find a CAP page until I was in about 12 pages.

    My apologies to Lou if I was wrong. I DID do the homework myself and seeing what I saw …….. saw many more gpwa links……… wonder why? I post here more than any other spot.

    thanks for your input ……



    Google purposefully screws with the links you see. It’s never true. Some good links will never show. I don’t know who is doing your SEO but they should know that.

    I have noticed wild fluctuations in the number of links for G&C lately. Suddenly links from posts at forums show up front and good old links from quality sites don’t show.

    On the positive side, all the tens of thousands of links from blackhatters have disappeared.

    You have old, established sites. Check each link before deleting, and be picky with new ones. Old links are more valuable than new ones. Links to crappy sites drag you down. Go on a case by case basis and clean up. Collect a small number of very good links, hopefully many of them aged. The age of your site gives you a great advantage, don’t ruin it by treating it like a brand new site.



    this is the link I was given to check out

    maybe (as my SEO pointed out) it is geo targeted?

    confused and wanting to do right to those that have done me right …….


    Thanks D:

    appreciat the time taken. have already contacted a couple of friends that i’d have bet my life on …… that didn’t show in ranks. ……

    this stuff is so confusing ……. thanks again folks for the pov’s.


    so very weird backlinks are not showing in yaho
    Steve says:
    I trust your judgement
    well it isnt counting for much or you would have a higher pr
    but anyways not a big deal
    google may only be given credit once from the site
    and not credit from all the posts
    yahoo shows 90,000 pages for cap
    so why backlinks are not showing up is weird

    so you can see why I’ve made this post…… I trust this person very much and KNOW they’ve achieve high rankings in several categories of interest


    Steve I have no idea what your SEO guy is talking about. We have upgraded software recently, but that shouldnt effect sig links. I do know PR fluctuates and CAP did lose a point in last update, but we are still fine in SERPs and are still an authority site.


    Hi P:

    thank you for your reply.

    I don’t know either. I just know i saw links coming into my site and they were overloaded with GPWA site links and finally found a link coming into my site from CAP a considerable number of pages into the process.

    Darko made a post that they are showing but I can only speak on what i myself saw and would only speak on such matters after checking myself and saw for myself that i had dismal results in terms of linking and CAP.

    Its of course very possible I caught Google in a bad day …. wouldn’t be the first time :)

    But was concerned (very much) that I got such a dismal result in terms of links considering the amount of posting I have done here over the years.

    I cannot begin to explain the process or the results. Just that I saw I had very many more incoming links from GPWA than from CAP which is unexplainable (to me) …..

    I have of course posted at both. It was never my intention to gain in this matter but after having this brought to my attention …. I felt it both worthy and disappointing to have to post these results.

    since I don’t take into consideration focusing on the linking process of posting …… I have never had reason to mention this before … but it (to me) is worthy of noting after seeing such an incredible better result from GPWA than CAP and taking into consideration the amount of posts I make here in comparison to there ….. I still don’t know why I have found results to be as they are ….. but with current circumstances …… cannot any longer overlook such results.

    I’m just disappointed in what I saw … and remain so. I don’t blame you …. but do look for a reason for this to be the way it is.

    It is possible as mentioned that I have just hit google on a bad day.. Goodness knows it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

    I love CAP and it is without doubt an important part of my life. I just found it incredibly …… sorted that I find so many more incoming links from Google than I found from a site where I’ve made many less posts on a regular basis and this I know remains true. I have always been a regular poster here and moreso than ever at GPWA with exception to the time many years ago when right before i left GPWA and came here.

    again I don’t blame the Prof for any of this … but would like to figure out why it is this way when IMHO it shouldn’t be an issue. I mean ….. google either shows the amount of posts and gives credit that i’ve made …. or it doesn’t .. does that make sense to anyone else?

    this also makes me question whether links I have to trusted friends don’t show up? I woulda bet my right arm I had links on their pages but it doesn’t show up in google. Now I don’t know what to think? …….


    What does this have to do with CAP? Professer sure doesn’t have a special code to make sure you all get your sites into Google. LOL



    I wouldn’t delete my links page just because of Google. Google never shows all or even close to all of your incoming backlinks. When checking for, Google shows 8 incoming links and Yahoo shows 469. When checking, Google shows 8 links and Yahoo shows 6044 incoming links. I would definately take darko’s advice and forward your www version to your non www version, because most of your incomings are going to the non www.


    I can’t see the SEO business in the deletion of the link partners.

    It is more easy and friendly to ask for a new anchor text if needed.

    Just a general comment .

    Not linked with Bb1 post


    @darko123 129633 wrote:

    hey bb1

    so you have a “canonical” issue – you need to redirect your www version to your non www version (as you have much more links to your non www version – it would be better to pick that version)

    a “canonical” issue is where you can get pagerank blead and poss dupe content as google will see 2 x homepages and issue different pagerank to both (ive seen this hundreds of times)

    You can set the canonical domain in Google Webmaster Tools

    From Google:

    What’s a preferred domain?

    The preferred domain is the one that you would liked used to index your site’s pages (sometimes this is referred to as the canonical domain). Links may point to your site using both the www and non-www versions of the URL (for instance, x and x The preferred domain is the version that you want used for your site in the search results.

    Once you tell us your preferred domain name, it may help us determine PageRank for your site more accurately.


    BB1, who ya gonna believe, google or your friends?

    Just go to their site and look.

    Throwing out aged links to quality sites will certainly not help you. If you have lots of outgoing links, research and cull. Do the legwork!


    Hi and thanks to all,

    I believe my friends Dom … you know that.

    I also however believe my friend whom I’m partnered with on SEO and as you all (most anyway that know me) … know i don’t know shit about SEO.

    so I’m simply trusting others. I DID try to do the legwork via visiting a link providing by my SEO partner where I went thru 30 pages …. all however only showing links from basically my sites and GPWA …. and few from CAP.

    What does this have to do with CAP (To J&J) … everything.

    If I can’t come here to ask … then where? If when I see I’m getting so many more incoming links from a different place where I post much less frequently ….. and that my PR (for whatever reasons .. and this info coming from my SEO buddy … not something I can tell myself) ……. that my PR is down (for whatever reason) at threads that relate to my partilcular name (here at CAP – those ending in bb) …. then where do I raise these questions? *The Prof has gracefully replied that they did an update which may have effected the PR of some pages.

    I’ve not accused the Prof of anything. I’ve simply asked. What is wrong with that?

    Thanks again to all that have responded. I’m simply acting on what I’m being told and have no hidden agendas. I know for certain the person I am partnered with is a very accomplished SEO person. For what that’s worth.

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