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Dec 7th Video

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    anybody considering ads with Int will be very happy with the ad. I still cannot really speak of the money +/- on the ads…. but can say i will probably be continuing as they are affordable .. and worth looking into.

    Cheers Int!


    @bonustreak 147840 wrote:

    Geez Brad I think it was Vegas when I first met you, that seems like forever We need to catch up and have a chat eh?

    Yep it was Vegas and to long ago……. remember I got you and BonusGeek confused :tongue:
    Yes lets catch up while we are there.


    I didn’t know you guys were that close behind me… geesh! Small world!

    That was a long time ago… seems like a different life, almost… * heavey sigh *

    @bb1webs 148035 wrote:

    I know I’m not as big and likely not as tough as you…

    LOL! I appreciate the comment, but I assure you I’m not all that. :wink-wink

    I go about 5’10” and 160 on a good day… I am lucky God blessed me with a tongue to talk my way outa trouble… speed to run when talking don’t work… and a mind to use when all else fails! LOLOLOL! :roflmao:

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)