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Best Converting US Casinos ?

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    For me pantasia and slotocash also convert very well.


    Sloto cash and G3partners does pretty good for us right now. Then Brightshare , mainstreet, and just started with rush so still waiting to see how we do with them…



    Great topic this, really useful information!

    I just signed up for Rushmore, Brightshare , mainstreet, I was already using bestcasinopartner and casino coins. I noticed that Brightshare and mainstreet both have several casinos which all accept US players. Of course, I would like to select the best casinos from these programs.

    Anyone who has been trying them and can tell me which of the casinos from Brightshare and mainstreet are the best when focusing on the US market? I assume that there must be a difference in conversion, player value etc.



    HVDB – I recommend you try our and Casinos.

    Many thanks for signing up and if you need anything please grab me on MSN –

    Cheers, Lloyd


    I’m spamming :) My CAP is now in Spanish and I can’t find the delete posting button. Sorry guys!


    Hi all,

    nah….. i think Lloyd was telling it like it is. my experience with Brightshare casinos is that allslots and alljackpots seem to do the best.

    They’ve fallen off the last couple of months a bit but i hope for a better month soon.

    Casino Rewards has picked up their pace a bit which is nice.

    anybody tell me what they know about rushmore? are players paid? are there excessive manager credits and bonuses that take away the profit an aff might make? other than my hesitation about anything to do with rtg … rushmore sounds good.

    I hasten to add or remind its bottom line that matters most. if i only get one player a month that makes me more than I would make at a program that converts like crazy .. give me that program that makes the most money at the end of the month.


    bb1webs, we are planning something earth shattering with All Slots for early this year. Biggest thing we have ever done, no jokes. I’ll email you soon to update you.

    Cheers bud


    sounds great! :) :) ill be waiting!


    @Lloyd 151037 wrote:

    I’m spamming :) My CAP is now in Spanish and I can’t find the delete posting button. Sorry guys!

    Hehe, you evil spammer. That will be because I am the mod here and you don’t get to delete posts, I do.

    As accredited program though, you get to participate in conversations and are actually not spamming at all.

    Earth shattering – I will have to watch for this!


    Hi all, Let me introduce myself first. I am bob. New to this forum.
    Slotocash casino has one major problem You cannot bet more than $5.00 on most games. At first it was converting well, I have about 6 registered players now, but no one has deposited more than once. It seems people dont want to deposit 2nd time there.


    So far my best converter are palace of chance casino and jackpot city casino


    with the little exposure given to rushmore i got 3 signups 1 depositor which is fairly good!


    What is your conversion on 2000 clicks ? I have only 5 downloads and 1 real player on 2000c liks.Is this good conversion ?


    Hi Guys, we get you a ~ 30-35% conversion ratio on average from registration to first deposit on

    We also have a multi-language support team and player value that rocks.

    We offer plans like the casino you mentioned before, only we actually pay promptly and on time – something which is not to be taken lightly these days.

    I’d like to personaly invite you to pop in and check us out and if you have any questions I’m at:

    MSN IM:

    Virtual AKA Asaf
    Affiliate Program Manager


    Asaf, this is spam.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)