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    I seriously doubt if Casinomeister banned you because he was paranoid of I think it is more like you twist and turn everything that is said and you refuse to take meaningful advise from anyone. I too read what Dom is talking about so I think you are removing certain statements from your old post.

    Another thing I have learned over the years with running a forum is you can fight for certain players tooth and nail and then find out that they were lying to you all along or they may leave out a few important points when complaining about a casino. I am not saying this is the case with your player I am just saying be careful some players are not always telling you the full story.

    Anyway I can’t be bothered with this thread anymore because your not going to be happy with anything anyone says unless they are in total agreement with you.


    I think we have gone round and round the barn enough with this thread. As far as I can see there isnt much ground being covered other then to try to discredit one of the most respected and honest casino groups online and stir up controversy.

    Yes, bonuses and promotions can cause confusion on the players end, but more often then not this is either a misuderstanding of the offer or a bonus hunter who isnt satisifed with his/her attempts at besting the casino.

    Either way its a PLAYER issue and not an AFFILIATE issue so please take this too a more suitable community like Casinomeister,

    Lets move on please barring any new developments.

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)