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Anyone paid rev yet?

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    the money arrived in my neteller

    and I also want to say,
    I wish all programs would pay that early
    even it was a bit later this time, SP is still one of the programs payin early.


    Yes payment arrived today and yes I agree with you. Been a bit frustrated of late so sorry if it came off wrong.


    Still waiting for Eco payment here



    Thank you for posting the email as I did not receive it. Luckily though, I do come here every so often and did know, that’s to you again, how to log in and check stats.

    I do also have to add, although a bit frustrating, I/we should NOT complain regarding Star Partner payments. Yes, they have been a bit late the past couple of months but, I think that is only our opinion. Even late, they still DO pay earlier then most other programs.


    Please understand, if we do complain, it is your own fault as you have spoiled us with A+ treatment over the years. Sry, but, we are only human and tend to expect it each and every month. Sometimes, we “forget”, you guys are only humans such as we are.

    Happy holiday:hattip:


    I have not received the payment too.


    Hi Graniteman,

    I just wanted to tell you that I respect your position also. I also understand how frustrating it is when affiliate payments are later then the expected pay date… especially in months when we might be needing the payment more then most months. I experience this often from other programs.

    @graniteman 201858 wrote:

    Deara, I appreciate your position and post but when someone tells you your payment will come within the hour, that our staff are working late to ensure payments go out and then payment is not sent…well that is not acceptable whatsoever and I am unsure why you would think it is?

    I’m not being hard on Conrad at all but simple making an observation that is legitimate. They are honest statements with respect to late payments and most definatly are acurrate with respect to the domain issue.

    This is no different than in business. If I as a business fail to pay for goods delievered when arranged then I run the risk of having the option of paying later. If I am a service provider and fail to provide the level of service promised then I run the rish of loosing my customer base. In these current market conditions that is a very real occurance and most businesses are looking exactly at those issues.

    So I am sorry I don’t agree with you but I do respect your opinion completly. I respect Conrad and Star Partner as I do VPL but I loose patience when I am told payment will come within an hour and then not only doesn’t come but staff leave for the night. I appreciate they have family and possibly just were not able to achieve the goals they set out for themselves but a simply call to say sorry we tried our best but ran into difficulties is not too much to ask ….is it?

    CONRAD – I’m sorry if I appear harse or hostile. I am not at all and I know you are a excellent affiliate manager who does a great job. My frustration is not at you but with the process that is lacking. Please do not think otherwise.


    I have been told that I have been paid to my Moneybookers account the last 2 months yet my MB account shows no payments. This is not something I have experienced from any other network that pays me to Moneybookers so I am wondering whether anyone else here has been given the same story?


    I’d suggest you check and make sure you have the right info registered with Starpartner. If they said they paid you then I am beyond a doubt sure they did. I would be shocked to here they did something like that – it is just not the way they do business.

    Verify you have the right info registered and then e-mail Conrad direct. He will definatly help you and if the funds were sent to the wrong acct he will do his best to help you but if you entered info incorrectly and your payment went to someone else that is not thier fault but hopefully that did not happen.


    Info given to them was correct. Conrad PM’d me early last week and I am now waiting for him to send me the Moneybookers payment IDs so I can chase up with MB.

    I will now see how long that actually takes?


    Hi Websparks,

    Please could you check your MB account to see if anything came in over the weekend.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)