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About President Bush

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    {First off all} I do not agree with the ban of gambling on line with Pres. Bush on that. How ever Pres. Bush is a good person. Democrats do not have a good plan ok. Withdraw all troops thats not a plan thats defeat. Giving up!
    Republican party is the only party that will keep us safe from all the terrorists all around the world they do not give up on their people. I keep track of all sides of politics. Democrats like to say bad evil things about this administration. They do not like any Republicans even if Jesus was on their side. Democrats believe in killing unborn babies. Well I am totally against that. There are more abortions in this country than there are troops dying overseas. Now the issue with war, I have spoken to lots of Troops they do not like giving up or they do not want to leave with out winning the war, get that straight left side. Lets support our heros. Since Sep 11th there has not been any attacks of terrorists in this country.
    So give some credit to Pres. Bush..

    Thanks and have a nice day.

    By the way I do not hate democrats I am not a party of hate, I feel sorry for them and their misguided ways.:banger:


    My god, where to begin. My blood pressure is through the roof after reading this, but I just don’t have the time to address each point. I’d be here typing for an hour at least.

    Executive summary — I pretty much disagree and/or don’t see the logic in most of what you wrote. :)


    Wow, 2 posts from Sally and they are both the exact same, Republican propaganda. I agree Engineer, there is no logic used in the post.


    Wow you democrats never give up on your lies..
    Never mind.
    No logic in killing babies.. I guess:sarcasm:


    Sally is trolling. Ignore the troll, and maybe she’ll go away.

    I’m not even going to bother refuting her barely literate arguments.


    You’re very mixed up Sally.

    can’t agree more with E: there’s just too much to address and it wouldn’t make a difference anyway because you’re obviously sold on the bush regime.

    wow. I wondered if there was anybody who believed their bullshit. now I’ve actually met one.

    before i go ….. do you have a clue who our current prez was having a bite to eat with while the twin towers were being attacked?

    a clue to who happens to own more shares in the bush corp than anbody else?

    well i admit I don’t know for sure but as I have been led to believe …. the #1 most wanted terrorist in the world ……. at least through his family ….. has the most shares in the bush corp and I’m almost certain this is right; that he was having food with a relative of bin laden (or however its spelled) …. while the towers were in the midst of the attack.

    My Goodness …. at least make an attempt to find out about these things before spouting your republican propiganda.

    I seriously was never a dem ….. or any kind of fan of them until the current regime came into office and then I realized one thing. …….. that I don’t think there really could be a worse bunch of people in charge……. that the election was stolen ……

    and shame the hell on you for supporting the regime that has cost so many young American lives all for something that can and will never be proven to have been a logical and reasonable purpose for our entering into a war that is a freaking CIVIL WAR!

    Have you no understanding of history? civil wars cannot have a third party enter into them and ever expect to really make a difference? all that ever happens is the violence is put off a while until the third party has left the country and then it goes right back to the fighting amongst the people that must live there and so very sadly ….. must fight for how they want their country run ……

    don’t take my word for it. take a look at history.

    Our freakin’ history for one. but the best example is the Viet Nam war that we …… and many …. many other countries before we entered ….. was fought.

    It is impossible to fight a war where all the people are from the same …. and for the most part ….. just want to survive the unavoidable violence therefore those people are on who ever’s side is the biggest threat at the time.

    I truly am amazed. I finally encountered someone who buys into this complete and total ignorance that has cost this country so many young souls.

    one last point: you are aware that it was the Iraq’s H – that made an attempt on pappa bush’s life way back when he was prez?

    that’s the real reason bush wanted to invade that country. revenge. small-minded….. revenge.

    Now I would eat those words if it weren’t for the fact that not only did we not find any kind of mass-destruction weapons in that country …. but also …. bin laden was known to be somewhere else …. and the cherry on this incredibly sad cake …… we find Hussian (however its spelled) hiding in a hole I wouldn’t let ……… even someone as incredibly ignorant as you …… to live in for even 24 hours.

    well… I hope I’ve given you a hint how I feel about your posts.


    My goodness just through your insalts at everyone that agrees with the Republican party. Nice people you are.
    Words do not hurt me. You people can not handle the TRUTH. Or know the TRUTH if it hits you in the face.
    I will pray for you people that HATE HATE HATE..
    To know the truth you first need to people a good human being, not a hater.:nono:
    You people are very evil thats a shame.:slapface:
    Wake Up

    See ya later.
    Republican haters.


    Give me a break! sallygwizz

    Bush is a fucking moron….and he’s mentally incontinent!!




    Very mature Not


    Since Sep 11th there has not been any attacks of terrorists in this country.
    So give some credit to Pres. Bush..

    Yeah – and when was the last one that happened BEFORE all this shit? hmm… Maybe all his ‘good work’ is just as much propaganda as the next.


    All I can say is READ American History..Duh
    Or in case you do not know where you can get those books. Your local library has them.


    Republican Party was not in power all those years. Remember Pres. Clinton was just few months before Pres. Bush, when Sept 11th happened.


    I know this :)

    However – we can’t give President Bush credit for stopping ‘terrorist attacks’ when there are very few in our history. Their probably wouldn’t have been any more attacks no matter what president was in office since Sept 11th (whether or not we went to war).

    I don’t think that you will find much support anywhere at the moment for Bush – even from Republicans. I have voted both Republican and Democrat over the years – both groups lie and deceive. Bush’s regime has done more damage to the US in the way of overseas relations than any other in the history – read up on that one :)


    You want me to read up on Pres. Bush which site or book wrote by democrats, or lets see the movie by Michael Moore or other anti-americans and anti-bush.
    I know the thruth in both sides Dems & Republicans. I am very close political follower I do not believe anything or anyone without any hard evidence. Democrats just talk alot no proof or evidence of anything.
    I also know that Not only Pres.Bush was willing to go to war in Iraq but also other countries like England, Australia, Poland and many others. Are they liars too, just like Pres. Bush. Come on lets be realistic here.
    Many countries saw the evidence that Pres. Bush on the Iraq. They are not all liars ok..


    You know this site is for gambling webmasters right?

    I don’t see any posts from you about online gambling issues. Did you just come here to be insulting to anyone who doesn’t support Bush?

    (And before anyone points it out, yes, I know. I’m feeding the troll with this post.)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)