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This Week: New Videos on the CAP Home Page
Letter from the Professor
Check out the latest CAP Videos!

In case you haven't checked 'em out yet, be sure to head on over to CAP's main home page to see the latest additions in our series of CAP member video interviews. It's part of an effort to make the main CAP site more in tune with what you, our community of affiliates and affiliate managers, want to see.


To that end, I invite you to let us know about what would interest you more about the main CAP website. Do you read the main news page? Would you like to see more, or different, content there? Do you have any difficulty finding anything that you're looking for on CAP? Do you know all the items that CAP has to offer? Do you ever delve into the site beyond the Forums or the Certified Program page? We always love to hear your feedback so we can continue to work to make the CAP website as good as it can possibly be. Please send any feedback, suggestions, or advice you may have to

As always, thanks for being part of the CAP community!


Keep on top of what's new at CAP! We're always adding new Certified partners at CAP, which means more and more opportunity to partner with quality programs for you, all our valued members. Click here, here, here, and here to check out some of the newest additions to the CAP family.
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Community Forums

CAP Money Winner:
Drum roll! This week’s winner of an gift certificate or Paypal Cash for $125 is bb1webs for posting the thread "Feedback on Rival Casinos Please".

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Poll of the Week!
Our Poll of the week: "
How's business the last couple of weeks?" by AmCan. How have things been for your programs during these strange economic times? Join in the conversation and let us know.

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Partner Promotions

EurobetEurobet's Special Offer to CAP Affiliates.

Quote CAP when applying for the Eurobet Affiliate program and receive a flat revenue share with no minimums until the 21st of December! Sports: 30% Net; Games/Casino: 40% Net; and Poker: 35% Net. To claim this offer, simply enter "CAP affiliate" in the "Other information" field when completing the Eurobet Affiliate Application form. For further information please contact

StarPartners FreerollStarPartner CAP Free Roll November 19th!
StarPartner affiliates are offering an exciting $500 freeroll opportunity for CAP affiliates on Wednesday, November 19th. Visit the link below for more details.

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CAP Special Offers

Referback's LUCKY 13Referback's LUCKY 13 October Special! At Referback its all treats and no tricks this October. In keeping with its tradition of treating players (and affiliates), Referback has decided to sweeten the pot for all affiliates with the kind of goodies that grown ups like. Everyone who brings in as few as 3 customers from the 13th to the 31st of October is guaranteed to be treated to a $25 Amazon voucher. And the LUCKY 13 who bring in the most customers get the sweetest of the sweets with 13 CASH TREATS ranging from $100 up to $750! 

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Program Spotlight
Chipleader, UltimateBet online poker has been dealing cards on the Internet since 1999, created from the ground up to provide the best online poker experience found on the Internet today. Many of the world's top poker professionals and most respected authorities have been instrumental in's founding and design, including two of the biggest pros in the game, Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.



Cap Down Under 2008
November 25-28th, 2008 Sydney, Australia







Marcela of Chipleader
Marcela of Chipleader (Ultimate Bet)

After spending more than eight years with BoS, Marcela has worked in almost all areas of the affiliate gaming business, from training new clerks to roles in Human Resources. She's now thrilled to be with ChipLeader, a company she describes as "constantly developing, externally and internally. AP and UB are getting better every day." Read more here.

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