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Zynk Media Open For Business in Affiliate and SEO Management

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    San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) August 16, 2007 — Zynk Media, Affiliate Program Management and Search Engine Optimization.

    Zynk is currently working with leading companies an all sectors from e-gaming to travel.

    Zynk’s co-founders’ impressive success with previous clients makes the company a goldmine for websites seeking quality SEO and Affiliate management services.

    Simon Eaton, Executive Director, believes Affiliate management unlocks the profit potential of an online company: “Affiliate marketing allows you to reach new audiences and thus gives you access to more potential customers. The great thing about affiliate marketing compared to other marketing avenues is that you only pay on results.”

    Unlike several other companies within the management sector Zynk Media is all about results. Zynk is undoubtedly one of the first management companies to make their main revenue from commissions.

    About Brendan Meehan, Executive Director and SEO Expert

    Brendan Meehan, SEO Executive Manager, began working with the internet in 2002 as an online gaming and sportsbook affiliate. As time progressed, Meehan quickly learned about the power and profitability of the internet, and how search engines drive quality traffic to websites.

    About Simon Eaton, Executive Director and Affiliate Expert

    When Simon Eaton, Affiliate Executive Manager, entered the affiliate sector in the late 90’s his work was groundbreaking–he was a true pioneer. His main expertise derives from affiliate marketing within the highly competitive egaming sector. He also has ample experience within the insurance and retail industries and has consulted with airlines in devising affiliate marketing campaigns.

    About Zynk Media, S.A.

    Zynk Media S.A is incorporated as a anonim society within Costa Rica. The founders of Zynk are from the UK and USA. They have chosen Costa Rica for its talented work force, location and internet infrastructure.

    Zynk Media can help you get the most out of your internet marketing campaigns and can be reached by visiting


    I knew you were going to hatch a new baby!

    Congrats, Simon.


    Good Luck with the new venture Simon :)




    Thanks guys…

    Got a few gaming and non gaming clients lined up but the main thing I am after here is teaming up with quality rather than quantity and I have done a lot of research and excited to open my own affiliate management service.

    Got a great team of people with me so it should be an exciting journey…


    Great news limey!


    Thanks TJ!


    Congrats Simon!

    Nice to see you and Brendan working together post…


    Nice, a great team no doubt about it!


    Thanks guys for the nice comments. We have successfully signed up all the contracts we plan to have with egaming brands in the sportsbook, poker and casino market.

    To focus on the best success of these programs we only plan to work with a few and have started doing this. We are busy staffing out our office and finding key people.

    You already know the main client, and we have another gaming client as well we will let you know more about this one later.

    Outside of gaming we work with a client in the Forex and airline market.

    A big thanks goes to all… and yes Brendan has got an amazing talent so we should do well on all levels of online marketing.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)