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    I got an unidentified bank draft in Euros, drawn on Laiki Bank in Nicosia Cyprus.
    Some search engine efforts yielded the fact that the return address on the envelope was Xpress Payment Services, which appears to handle payment services for Playtech casinos.

    My problem is twofold: Identifying which casino, and more importantly, how to deposit this draft. There are no routing numbers on the draft, so I think I’ll be unable to deposit it in my bank.

    Anyone who’s had this problem before have any advice? I’m inclined to mail it back to XPS and ask for a different solution. Ideas?


    Was it in the mail? Obviously not your Neteller or such. I got a “mysterious” cashier’s check for $5000 from a bank in Richardson, Texas, but it was stamped in Costa Rica. I took it to the bank to ask them whether or not it was legitimate. I knew that I was not due this money so I was VERY suspicious. The teller thought it was real and offered to cash it, but I asked to speak to the manager. She also could not tell if it was real or not, but I pointed out that the check was skewed slightly on the paper and the paper didn’t feel right… she said that she could cash it for me, but that it might bounce. She contacted the Richardson bank for me and it was indeed a fraud.

    I thought I might be contacted with some “send me half and keep the rest” scam, but nothing ever happened so I still have a $5000 cashier’s check by the computer in case I ever need to leave the country FAST! :terms:


    Hey Ellen, I just posted in your other thread, but that’s a different check than this one. However, I just noted that this check was drawn on Laiki Bank, but it also says Cyprus Popular Bank.

    And, the signature is the same as your mystery payments, Adamidou Rena.

    I eventually mailed this one back to Cyprus asking for them to pay me in a different way. It was going to cost me $100 USD to cash the other one, leaving almost nothing left.

    At least the other Cyprus check I got was in USD, with routing codes.

    Anybody have a clue?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)