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World Wide Vegas not responding, anyone has a contact?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have tried to contact people at World Wide Vegas affiliate program ( ) several times since weeks but they never replied…

    Do you guys have any contact with those people? I’ve seen lately that I registered 25 player accounts and never been paid for anything, also I don’t see where in their stats you see earnings (they only provide traffic figures). It shows how they care about YOUR affiliate revenue… what a joke! :Partier:

    Has someone ever received a payment by WWV?


    Last year I promoted them and i made a small commission – got paid – but it took a long time!!

    …I don´t thnik they are trustworthy.



    Barcley, can you point me where is the revenue data in their stats? because I clicked everywhere and can’t find it… maybe i’m stupid, but I’ve always found the revenue reports in all other affiliate programs.



    Scott from helped me to contact them.

    I got a quick and satisfactory resolution of the issue. Andrew from WWV helped me. It turned out that my account was not enabled to see revenue stats, and that there was $7,700.88 in deposits.

    I was using a wrong email address to contact them.

    I will be paid promptly without any hassles, or delay, so I think WWV is a correct affiliate program to work with (lots of other programs would have make hassles to pay, delayed responses etc, I speak in my own experience).

    Thanks everyone!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)