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Will the US get its act together on sports betting in 2020?

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    I have been a US focuses sports betting affiliate for a decade. Every time I think that the US is about to get a reasonable slate of regulations on sports betting I get disappointing. Each state has its own commission and is intent making it as hard as possible to be a white hat affiliate. i don’t understand why they just can’t open it up and tax it like any other business.

    I even bought domains and created mini sites in hope of being part of the new legalized land based sportsbooks in the US ( ) was purchased for the New Jersey market but the regulations are so strict it is not feasible for a small operation to compete. I have an old affiliate sports betting site that still makes money in the grey market so I will stick with it until a better affiliate marketing climate in the US. sly.gif


    I think that we’ll see even more states regulating USA sports betting in 2020, however it will most likely be on a state by state level as we’ve seen online gaming regulation thus far with New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I’ve created a guide to USA online casinos and sportsbooks with information on online gambling laws and regulation in the United States of America on Take a look at GambleRock’s USA gambling guide for reviews of legit casino sites that accept US players. The guide also shares recent online casino & sports betting news about the US online gambling market.


    Yup. They are going to regulate state by state. It will take a decade for states to cobble together any sort of working framework to have interstate markets.

    A financial crash is imminent in the next couple years, and that will slow things down tremendously. Expect this to delay any Federal or interstate gambling regulation by another half decade at least while politicians focus on more important matters.

    Perhaps decentralization will take hold by then and make all this moot (also unlikely, but possible!).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)