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Why is no one talking about this?

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    Hi all…

    Back from vacation… now I need a few days to rest!!! :p

    While waiting at the airport today I heard some news I thought was GREAT! But no one here is even talking about it!!!

    Why not?! Am I wrong in thinking this is VERY GOOD NEWS? :


    Hi J. Todd!

    It IS good news … if you are in the online porn biz.

    If you are thinking that it might be a sign of positive rulings to come for the online gambling biz, I would not make that connection. So that may be why people here are not very excted.

    But I’m sure they are kicking up their heels over at the porn webmaster forums.


    While I don’t support government regulation of consentual adult behavior I don’t want to see “exploitive” porn allowed on the internet.

    By exploitive I mean kiddie porn, bestiality and snuff. These things are abhorent and should definately be banned and purveyors prosecuted. So this ruling is bittersweet news IMO.

    I also agree with Dave in that I dont want a connection drawn between porn and online gambling. We dont need the added baggage and I dont think its a fair association anyway. I would wager a very high percentage of players are not big consumers of hardcore adult entertainment.

    I could be wrong, but I just don’t see the old gals who play Slots or Bingo rushing back to their condos to watch “Golden Shower Girls”.



    I agree that it is good news. Surprisingly good news in fact. It leaves the protection of children right where it ought to be–in the hands of the parents.


    Moving this to free for all area….


    I am not a friend of uncontrolled porn – it should be a regulated workplace as should be prostitution, so the rights of participants/workers can be protected.

    I do agree that parents need to control children.

    But none of these things touch on why this is good for us. It is good for us because it protects free speech.

    The only reason why the government cannot touch us at this time is because we are practising free speech in advertising. It is a law, and it is guaranteed to us.

    Free speech and regulation of an industry are two entirely different things, and they are being mixed up here.

    This is indeed very good news for us. Long live free speech!

    IMO both the casino industry and the porn industry need to be regulated. This, however, is an entirely different issue.


    Holy She-molians! 😮

    I understand why Lou moved this thread, but DAMN people! :p

    The whole point of my post was that it seemed a very positive sign that the Supreme Court stepped in for advertising as free speech.

    I do think there is a direct link between what happens is one volital online industry to another… whether its casinos or porn or Rx….

    This is legal precedence (sp?)… and the more we have in our favor the better. JMHO


    I agree with you, J.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)