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Why do you keep doing that?

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    I was checking some links and clicked Yukon gold.

    Ended up at and at the bottom it says AFFILIATE ID: xxxxxx

    All good,

    In the middle of the page:

    Yukon Gold Casino is a partner of the world renown free casino Casino Classic, which is available in multiple languages including French casino en ligne, Danish online casino, German online casino, Italian casino online and Spanish casino en linea.

    In that paragraph you got SIX links. I clicked on them and i am redirected to the other casinos and i go to the bottom and now it says

    Affiliate ID: TYPEIN_DANSK_CC:

    I have not checked the other sites but i am sure non of the links would carry the affiliate code like brightshare casinos do.

    1) Will you be fixing this? If so when?
    2) I dont think it is in “error” several affiliates always point it out… I did too not long ago.


    I have the same issue here, probably all properties have the same sort of lines that do not carry over the tag correctly.

    I would like to see this resolved soon as thsi is going on for months or more and i am not happy with it because if there is a line “free casino” it sure gets attention and untagged clicks.



    For me Yukon Gold, Zodiac, Golden Tiger, Captain Cooks, Casino Classic and Blackjack Ballroom redirect to the bounce back URL while some of the other properties go to the landing page. This happens from within the CR marketing materials area as well.

    Did I miss something as I thought it was just the poker d/l that needed a link change?
    Also I just noticed there have been no new registrations since October 20th.


    Dear slotplayer,

    Some of our forum members have been saying about this too.

    It seems if your detected IP address is USA (or possibly certain parts of it), then this happens (I’m assuming intended to deflect players that can no longer create new accounts).

    However, (Rewards – and any other MGS casinos), if you’re still allowing USA players with existing accounts to play – they would need to re-download and re-install.

    One possible ‘way around’ is to just pop the install file on your own server (if that’s allowed of course), but not sure how the installer works so I’m waiting to hear back from forum members with existing accounts if this works (just trying one casino [GoldenTiger] for now – and will of course delete the .exe file from my server if this is ‘against the rules’)..

    Hopefully Yaniv/Rene can let us know the full / correct answer and hope this helps :)



    How about we do not diverge from the topic of my original post.

    I want to know what is being done about tracking and the bogus links posted on the index that do not carry over affiliate tags.

    Thank you


    Where is Casino Rewards????


    @casinotime 187624 wrote:

    Where is Casino Rewards????

    I think they dodged these posts. :)


    They are dodging because they like the links that don’t carry over.


    I started the post on the 17th and they have had plenty of time to say something?? Im sure they read it… unless they are out travelling… still i think they read it and ignoring


    My apologies for not getting in here sooner.. I’ve actually been in and out of the office over the last week and when I finally sit down to post, I find I’m being taken away again.

    Re: links

    These are done by our SEO team and when brought up by me in the past at meetings, they did some analysis and found that there is less than 0.5% CTR on those links. That’s about 50 clicks per 10,000 visits.

    The links at the bottom of the pages are there for branding purposes. This is why the links have been pushed to the bottom parts of the page.

    We are constantly tweaking the sites to get the players to click where we want them to click on the page in order to improve conversions overall, ie on the download now and play now buttons (which in turn helps you and us). We don’t have the links there to try to deter your players to another casino, after all the player is tagged to the last referring affiliate, so there’s really no point sending the player to another site because we have no guarantee that the player hasn’t already visited that site through another affiliate id.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Re: installer

    You can get this and host it on your own server by going to Marketing Tools > Download Code and choose the language you’re after. Usually the players who already have accounts will call support and ask for the installer if they aren’t able to get it from the site so even if you’re not able to host the installer on your own server, the players usually know to give us a call if they’re having trouble anyhow..
    Let me know if this isn’t what you’re looking for.

    Heads up to all – I’m also available via msn, icq, aim, yahoo, phone and email if you require our urgent attention.


    I think it is more like 0.5% per link and you have about 6

    The answer is not an excuse and i would think that many affiliates would aggree.

    When a visitor is sent and they land on the english page but happen to be a native hmmmm ITALIAN than a text link like “Italian casino online” would catch their eye. Not only that but also it would be a highly targetted click.

    Same applies if visitor is SPANISH … “Spanish casino en linea” would catch their attention and of they go with no tag.

    Brightshare carry over tag and no reason why Casino Rewards cant.

    What about the 65K giveaway harvesting emails? Does that carry aff tag over? Again no reason that it would not do that.


    That is a pretty dismal CTR for links appearing in the middle of the page. Moreover they are the only language targeted links on the site and the CTR you get is 0,5%??

    Also from previous email harvesting promos I remember that they never carried the tag over and that the onus was on affs to use a special query parameter to switch them off. Something like &emailbox=off which is a bad solution because it will only be implemented by the tiny fraction of affs who fight the non tagged holes on the reward sites. All other affs will just lose money in a big way.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)