who is Jackpot Capital casino?

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    Hi all,

    just received my invitation to play at Jackpot Capital.

    I know I never signed up to play there, nor joined their newsletter, nor even ever visited or heard of them.

    which tells me since i got the invite via snail mail that my home address was either sold or stolen or there is a program that is trying to invite me to play at a casino where I doubt very much if it is tracking and giving credit to whichever aff it was that signed me up at the original place that I gave my home address.

    am I missing any possibilities?


    Hiya BB!

    I am with you on this, i also got my invite , cd and bonus and i have not played yet, and i have not had any business with them, so don’t know how they got mine either, but you may ask Bonusstreak what she thinks of them, her website and forum promote them and are sponsored by them, so she must know more about them then us!>?

    If you ask her please tell her to post here so we can all read about them and what her opinion on them is.

    Thanks and did you ever get my xmas card????????????



    From what I know they will be making an appearance at CAP Euro they will have a booth. They are also in the works to be certified soon here and they will be doing better to please their affiliates. Contact name is John and he is on holiday right now from what I hear. I hope that I have answered all your questions Triple7’s.


    Off memory, I believe I received the same cd a couple of weeks ago and went to ask the players over in CM. I beleive they replied positively.

    better yet here’s the link



    Thanks Bonusstreak, i knew you would know about them.


    bb1webs;194128 wrote:
    am I missing any possibilities?

    Yes – they could be linked to one of the last MG casinos to pull out of the USA…
    Not sure if this is in the public domain yet – so I’ll say no more.
    (Moderators – please feel free to delete this post!)



    Dear All,

    Thank you for your discussion. We are now certified here at CAP, so please feel free and ask all questions in our forum here:
    PM us, or drop us an e-mail at affiliates@jackpotcapital.com

    Kindest regards,



    They seem to be the only casino owned by Greavestrend Ltd… but I’ve seen that name before. They’re in cyprus. You don’t get much from the about us page because there isn’t one until you click through the affiliate link, and that is still sketchy.
    pdjoes and gamtrak were promoting codes late fall, maybe easter… might ask there.

    Have a nice time a head.

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