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    First time posting and I apologize in advance if my question is a little rude but here we go.
    I have two casino domain names, I’ve had them a while now and someone wanted to buy them but instead he wasted my time.
    I have decided to go ahead and use them, unless anyone else wants them, and so far, I have looked over a ton of so called “we pay the best commission, we are the best” Casino’s and I seem to be confused as to which one or two might be good to sign up with.

    I have several travel related websites which do well for me and I’m not looking to put in a ton of work into the casino affiliate domains but I do get a ton of traffic to my other sites and was just going to put the links to a casino on an exit page.

    The short version of that is, which one or two is good and honest ) if honesty exists.
    Thanks so much
    PS, Those domain names are and Online


    Hmm, very helpful.


    Hello Applied
    There are a number of very good affiliate programs out there to choose from (there are also a load of stinkers) I would recommend you focus on three software platforms

    Microgaming – Most microgaming operators are reliable and produce excellent returns for affiliates. Some are better then others in that respect due to creatives, bonus structure, number of games and retention programs. Choose your microgaming partners with that in mind.

    OddsOn – Casino Coins and Magic Lamp are solid programs and generally produce good results if heavily promoted.

    RTG – This is the most challanging of the choices. A good RTG casino produces excellent revenues. Unfortunately some of the operators have had a bad reputation among affiliates for performance and or stats. Choose carefully and I recommend you ask on the messages boards first for feedback on potential partners.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)