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Whats this losers agenda?

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    Why can’t people just work for a living, check this out.



    It links through to Muffmoney – some portal that seems to continue the theme! And promotes some well-dodgy casinos in the process! And it links to this : x – same thing. :Cry:


    By their site I think two things are clear Islandmaan.

    1. They are most likely fraudulent CPA webmasters, I wont call them affiliates because that implies a mutually beneficial partnership. Net Revenue affiliates would NEVER advise players to play the bare minimum to collect a bonus and then move on to the next victim casino.

    2. They will mostly turn up here (if they havent already) and piss and moan that the casinos they are trying to rip off wont pay them!

    Take a look at their pitch:

    “INTRO: Cheat the casinos in five steps
    Welcome to – I designed this site after milking online casinos for almost $20,000. Following the guidelines on this site will enable you to take advantage of a loophole in casino promotions, and earn thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. Here’s how:

    1. Choose a casino offering a free sign-up bonus. (e.g. $100 free for $100 deposit)

    2. Play perfect blackjack as described on this site, reducing the house advantage to less than 0.5%

    3. Play the minimum number of required hands.

    4. On average you will be down 0.5% – next to nothing!

    5. The cash bonus is now pure profit, move on to the next casino!

    Like you said, its a damn shame dont put the same effort into honestly promoting casinos and EARNING a nice monthly commission.


    I agree with the Professor on must of his points. I do not appreciate the wording that this person uses in marketing this site and agree that he is not working within the spirit of a good working relationship with his affiliate partners.

    To me though it falls short of being fraudulent. He isn’t promoting anything that is not in the T&C’s of the particular casino. He says deposit, play the minimum raked hands and withdraw. I’m sure the casinos have researched and set the WR to be a little bent in there favor. I view this more as a “used car salesman” walking on the edge of credibility. Even though he is really isn’t saying anything wrong, he isn’t saying anything right either.

    To me fraudulent would be sending people to deposit the minimum amount and then withdraw shortly after just to get the CPA. Then go running about this and any other forum and start complaining like they have done nothing wrong when they can’t ( and don’t deserve to) get paid.

    I have been on the poker side for a while and I am VERY new to the casino side. I have learned a lot from reading this forum and because of this I am on a rev. share basis with must of my partners on both poker and casino sides. I feel that it promotes a better working relationship and that we are pulling in the same direction for the long haul.

    Though I don’t condone what he has done, agree with his marketing technique and don’t beleive he is acting in the spirit of affiliate partner, has he actually done anything fraudulent? I am not taking sides with some of the CPA affiliates that have posted of late but I am asking this in good faith for some real answers.



    4Flush what this webmaster is doing may not be literally “fraud” but it hurts the entire industry and at the least it is sleezy. It plainly is designed to screw the affiliate manager which leads the aff managers to make tougher wager requirments which then makes then takes away the incentive to the new playerer.

    Even worse many of these new players do not read all the T&C’s and if the T&C’s have had to be tightened so much that they are not reasonable then the new player feels screwed.

    I believe some of the Aff programs have a clause regarding the intent of the bonus and if so this type of advertising could be against the Affiliate T&C and thereby they could cancel and withhold the revenues of scummy affiliates like this.

    I would have no problem with any aff program who would cancel and withhold any affs who would use this type of promotion.


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