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What’s the ugliest car you’ve ever driven or relied upon?

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    For me…

    It was a 1974 Oldsmobile Omega.

    This thing was uggggggly. It was orange. It had grey primer stripes down the side of it, because it was missing the side moldings. I had a Sony stereo in it… tape player. Best, most expensive thing I had ever bought for myself.

    I had flat one day while I was on my way to a friend’s house. Neither of us lived in desireable parts of town. I left it on the highway, walked and found a payphone, and got the friend to pick me up.

    By the time we went back the next morning, the car was gone. It turns out that someone threw a 40oz through the window and stole my $125 dollar stereo. So, the police towed it because it had been vandalized.

    So, I had to pay to get it out of the impound lot, along with a broken window, a missing radio, and 40 in the back seat. I won’t even get into what I said to the people at the police impound lot. The end result was that I paid them and left. The alternative was that they were going to arrest me and run me to jail if I kept running my mouth. I finally learned to take the less principled stance sometimes.


    I think it’s easier to list all my cars than pick one ugly one lol

    Vauxhall Viva (about 20 years old i think, would be about 40 now) – lent a mate £100 at the races and he gave me this car back instead lol

    MG Metro – shitty car with an MG badge.

    Opel Manta – Finaly I get a nice car, I loved this one.

    Vauxhall astra – £600 off my sister, old and knackered but reliable. Some Sunderland fans rolled it onto it’s roof after the Boro boys beat them. Thankfully the insurance classed it as stolen ’cause it was moved from it’s orignal spot (only had 3rd party fire/theft insurance)

    VW polo – this was rough (£400 from the astra insurance – drank the other £200 lol), but got me to the nightshifts at the casino so done it’s job.

    Ford Orion ghia – had a bit of power until UK banned leaded fuel and then it might as well have been a 1.6 instead of 1.6i

    Citreon Xsara estate – old mans car, but great for shifting stuff in the big boot – wouldn’t mind the new Jag estate, that looks classy and practical.

    Toyota Corolla Verso – great family car. If you only need the 6th/7th seat occasionaly I would suggest you look at this instead of the bigger cars like Ford Galaxy & Renault Espace.

    Toyota MR2 Turbo – Fireworks, lightning bolts, the works – I’m in love :inlove:


    Well, at the time I thought it was the ugliest thing on earth, and it had a lot of dents and was in bad care when I got it, but today I would drool over it and happily spend the money to restore the beast.

    It was a Dodge Dart convertible, with a push button transmission, and power top.

    The top had a leak right above the driver’s seat, and I could be seen driving along with an umbrella .

    It was bright red and huge, a 1964.

    It was my first car and soon replaced with a 68 Cadillac. I have owned a string of 68 Caddies since – I love those things. At the present I don’t own one but that may change soon.

    Dominique wrote:
    The top had a leak right above the driver’s seat, and I could be seen driving along with an umbrella .

    Grrr. Every convertible I’ve ever had leaked on me. Just 2 of them, but that is damn annoying. I had a mustang convertible where it would leak on my left leg…. and get this… for some reason, it also leaked on my foot that needed to be on the gas pedal. I tried putting a plastic grocery bag around my foot, but didn’t really feel safe that way. I took long trips in it too, so I’d sometimes just wind up with a wet foot for 10 or 12 hours.

    Besides that, I liked the car overall. It was a 4 cylyinder, so I was constantly telling people “No, it’s not a 5.0.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)