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What’s the deal with Google’s PageRank and algorithm

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    Hi guys,

    One of the eternal mysteries for me is how Google works, I’ve come across a few examples recently which just don’t make any sense at all. :tooconfus

    Firstly on my site a high proportion of the pages are indexed by Google and are crawled on a fairly regular basis but the site has virtually no page rank at all except on the frontpage. This site now has nearly 700 pages of unique content and a good amount of backlinks so in my opinion should be doing better. In the serps it does actually do fairly well for both high-roller casinos and high-roller online casinos so I know that Google is liking it, just not enough to give it decent PR!

    My second gripe can perhaps best be illustrated by typing in the following sarg “norske online kasino” (Norwegian online casinos) into Google. On this I’m doing well for my two sites/section and but at the top of the list is the site which has no backlinks and in fact no content at all, all it has is the perfect phrase in its url, what the hell is going on?? Is google’s algorithm actually getting worse, it just really annoys me that a completely new website can rank over two sites which I’ve put a lot of time and effort into. :madat:

    Would be interested to hear everyone’s views on this or perhaps some other examples of Google weirdness.


    Google is obviously bi-polar. To be honest I have completely given up trying to figure out google and it’s fickleness and just continue to push ahead with more content and seo stuff, I figure if my sites are coming up in searches in good ranks then I am doing something and although pr is a bit important I am not going to trip on it anymore.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)