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what to do with black hat seo

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    what do you do with black hat seo ? i see this a lot of members here useing it what to do about it ? iv seen them get away with it for 5 years do i post it here and at matt`s blog for all to see and put a stop to it i see there sites in the top 10 after 5 years of seeing this i think its time to report or copy them what would you do ?


    Not all members here agree or use blackhat there is a ring of sites that are speaking against it. I report any that are scraping any of my sites and using this method all the time to google. Dom started a ring maybe create a page and see if she will link to you, here is an example..


    Blackhat is not a good business model for affiliates (or affiliate programs) to follow because this industry is all about trust. The moment you enter into the shady area of rigging search engine results is when you start to lose integrity and lose out financially in the long run.

    Sure, there are immediate financial gains from Black Hat SEO but it’s better build quality content and a respectable informational website and then ask people to reciprocate your links to them, yes, I know it sounds boring and I know that reciporical links are not as valuable as one-way links etc. but it does help.

    I will also be a little less inclined to work with a “Black Hatter” because I know they are short term investments and I’d rather help smaller affiliate build their website(s) and client base.

    As for posting at Matt’s blog. You don’t mean Matt Cutts from Google by any chance? Hrm, I am not sure what CAP’s policy on “outing” affiliates or webmasters. Perhaps you should get an official response from Professor!


    Perhaps before reporting anyone you should be a little more specific about what they are doing to attain the high black hat rankings.

    I say this as one persons black hat is another persons white (or maybe at least grey!)

    An idea of what is actually taking place would allow members here make a more informed decision as to your best way forward.


    I disapprove of any methods that steal from the work of others.

    A lot of blackhat does that, and that’s where the buck stops with me.

    Other than that I don’t much care what people do with their sites. IMO, google will come to getcha sooner or later anyways.


    members at CAP blackhat?


    you make me curious??!!


    So far I haven’t known any, I guess that’s the point though, right? After all, if you were caught, it wouldn’t be very sneaky or stealthy :roflmao:


    Blackhat never heard of it…


    @damiandunlap 129011 wrote:

    I like black hats over white hats, white hats get dirty faster :wink-wink

    Black hats fade in the sun and if you have to clean them they fade. Go gray hat! Or check out this one: :hattip:


    Search engine optimization is fine and even white hat seo crosses the guidelines of some of the larger search engines. So I dont want to tar and feather webmasters who are doing standard SEO to acheive rankings at Google or Yahoo.

    Black Hat Seo on the other hand is deplorable and generally entails theft of content or an outright attempt damage the position of others in the engines. If thats what Mak is talking about then I have no problem discussing that here in the Blackhat area.

    Mak can you supply several sites that you feel are doing Blackhat and let us know what methods you are referring to?


    Hi all,

    sad to say I have learned from someone (whom I can’t say and can’t even say why so you’ll just have to trust me or choose to ignore my post) … but I was very surprised to hear this name associated with bh

    because I cannot name the accuser nor give specifics (as I didn’t ask because I wouldn’t understand it anyway) … I’ll never have anything to do with this person.

    damn i wish I could elaborate but it would compromise my promise to always keep anonymous whom i am talking about and they have excellent reason for staying so….

    so yes, … I do believe there are those that bh which are fairly regular posters ….. and the person whom was named had me completely fooled.

    Man I wish I could explain in further detail but there is excellent reason to not …. and it would break the trust that I am lucky enough to enjoy because this person (at least at one time .. don’t know about now) .. was at the top of the game and for all I know ….. used bh tactics …. to some degree to get to the top.

    I can say that my contact in this endeavor has never stolen content or anything. But I’d guess has hit the grey area at the very least at one time or another.

    personally I believe in just building a website with content but I can say from experience that … that alone won’t bring much traffic.

    so where is the line? I cannot say. but I do feel if YOU feel its crossing the line …. you’ve answered your own question before you’ve begun.


    So you know someone who employs black hat but you can’t say?

    Haha, that drives me crazy, it’s like when a friends says something like that then gets you going and ends with “but I can’t tell you who/what”.


    I’m no newbie – but do we even really know what we are discussing?
    I cannot accurately categorise a black hat.

    What and who is black hat?
    A few things that come to mind :
    – Scraping other peoples sites and using them.
    – Posting those pathetic links in blogs and forums.
    – active cloaking where you present different views fo search engines.
    – spam mail and email harvesting techniques ?

    But what else? Can you elaborate ?

    I ask because I’d like to know – and don’t really want to go nosing around black hat sites – as I don’t know what I’d catch.

    What and who is considered white hat?
    – Really basic websites with only a minimum of SEO optimisation ?

    As soon as you start thinking about search engines does your hat start turning a shade of grey?

    What and who is grey hat? (probably most of us)
    – advanced SEO optimisation ?
    – use of web2.0 social network sites?
    – creation of mini-sites or small specialist niche sites that link to each other?
    – variation of site displays depending on IP address or previous cookies ?
    – active monitoring of SE keywords and stats ?

    You see I do all the things listed in my GREY hat section.

    When I create content I am aware that you need to get everything – and I mean everything – just right if you are going to get any penetration into the search engines.

    So when does the person turn from white to off-white to light grey to dark grey to black ?

    This could be a fascinating discussion …


    More blackhat:

    • eggdrops
    • remote writing to open folders
    • xss
    • sql injection

    Also, the term “black hat” comes from old-style western movies, where the good guys often wore white hats and the “bad guys” wore black hats. Like Lee Van Cleef in the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly”…


    Way too much to write to answer this.

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